Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I hope that is not a sock

You know that your child - no matter how ill or injured - is starting to feel better when she starts to complain. Not cry or whine about pain, or whimper when things hurt. I mean the kind of complaining that makes your eyes twitch and drills into your forehead like a rabid woodpecker. Yeah, that kind LOL. Judging by the innadequacy of my cooking, the lack of selection in her wardrobe, dearth of good toys and games to play with, and her constant demands and exclamations of "I'M BORED", she is mending very very well ROFL. The sling is causing a rub on her shoulder, and it is very tender. The strap itself is soft, but because of the heat and humidity even regular clothes chafe. I have tried chaffing cream, powder, and placing a bandage between the strap and her skin but nothing helps. I did some researching and thought maybe a tube of very soft material around the strap might help. The first one I cut from orange polar fleece and carefully sewed with special seams to avoid any lumps. Of course, I was insane to think she would even consider it, because even though orange was her favourite colour YESTERDAY today it is loathsome. The second was white and made with felt, but she rejected it outright as the felt was 'scratchy'. The third one was taken from my knitting bag. It started out as a test swatch made with the softest, silkiest yarn in lovely sea shades. It was not orange, it was not scratchy. However, it is too "fuzzy". Now, this was all yesterday and I had to come up with something by this morning before she left for daycamp. I had no fabric that was soft, no yarn that was soft enough, not so much as a baby washcloth that might work. Then I remembered! For christmas I had gotten a pair of very soft but unfuzzy socks made out of some strange material that was halfway between a faux suede and polar fleece. They were stretchy, and tube socks so with a little snip, off comes the toe and I have a premade tube! No sewing, no seams, just soft stretchy material. And they are bright orange in sight. Yep, this is the ticket. Snip snip. I arranged the tube over the strap of the sling and set up her large teddy bear so that he could wear it and my wonderful offering would be the first thing she would see upon opening her eyes. Yes, she would start the day knowing in her heart that her mother loves her SO much that she spent the night pondering and finally coming up with the perfect solution. I waited patiently, she started to stir. She opened her eyes. I could see them focus on her bear, and could practically hear the wheels in her mind turning as she processed what she saw. She rubbed her eyes with her good hand, then sat up straight. "I hope that is not a sock. NO WAY am I wearing a sock on my sling". Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

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