Friday, August 04, 2006

Igor here.

Once again I have a kink in my neck. I can't turn my head to the right. I had the hiccups earlier and they almost killed me. I would be worried, because really I get sore necks like this all the time. But since I know what they are from, I figure there is no point in getting the doctor all worked up over it. See, Ruby shares my pillow. "Share" in the figurative sense, since she pretty much takes up the whole thing and I try to rest my head on the empty part of the pillowcase in the corners. In an effort to get an inch of pillow to myself, I now use TWO pillows, set edge to edge. This pretty effectively doubles the surface area and should increase my chances of getting an inch of softness to lay my pretty little head. SHOULD increase my chances, yet does not. Funny how it happens that way. Ruby still takes pretty much the whole thing. Instead of lying sideways, she lies longways - nose pointing towards me. Thank goodness for small favours LOL. Not that dog breath is ever a good thing, but when faced with the back end of a pug, dog breath seems like a smaller price to pay. I spend my night contorting into all sorts of positions to try and get comfortable while avoiding squishing doggy body parts. To make matters worse, Jasmine (the older, bigger cat) likes to lie at the bottom of the bed, where my feet are supposed to go. She is big. She takes up about as much room as Ruby and her two pillows. So I am reduced to trying to fit my frame in the middle third of the bed. This is where Xena (the younger, smaller, and crazier cat) comes in. She likes to lie ON me. Stretched along my side, actually. But she is skittish. Taking a deep breath or a good loud snore from DH or Ruby is enough to set her running, using me as a runway/launchpad/springboard in the process. Note to self - her back claws need trimming....ouch! When it comes to bed space, I am willing to defend it to the death against a human counterpart. I have been known to take DH's arm and fling it away if I find it on my pillow. I am not averse to giving him a good kick if his leg encroaches on my few inches of coveted bed area. If he is getting too close I will wake him up from a sound sleep and tell him to MOVE OVER. And yet, when it comes to sleeping animals I am powerless against their charms. I just can't disturb their warm, squishy, soft, fuzzy slumber. It's a fault. I can't make them get out of my chair, either. Sucker, that is what I am. So I am off to microwave a rice pad and spend a few minutes tending to my wounded areas in the hopes of loosening up in time for the week-end.

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