Thursday, August 03, 2006

Keep your Karma to yourself

My daughter and I got wet today. Not a little damp. Not a little moist. Wet as in soaked to the underwear. We were halfway to the door of her daycamp when the heavens opened and poured warm rain on us like a tipped bucket. And because it was WARM rain she shrieked and laughed and trotted, but did not run - which seemed like a good idea at the time. By the time we got inside, we were a dripping, shivering mess. The sun was shining when we left the house, although we could see clouds in the distance. As we got closer to her camp, the clouds got darker and darker. I was actually hoping for rain soon, it has been so hot here and everything is wilty. I can water all I want, rain makes the plants look green and perky instantly which can NOT be reproduced with a hose. We were making our way to the door, when a child walking ahead of us said to his mother "I think it is going to rain". At which point she replied "Of course it won't rain. The weatherman said it was going to be partly cloudy today, but no rain". Barely time to take a breath after that sentance and we were drenched. Apparently this woman was not aware that one NEVER makes statements like that. For the weather gods live for nothing more than to disprove weather men. And if they can drench several children and their mothers almost to the door of daycamp, so much the better. Soaking them to the underwear in two minutes is just gravy after that. I managed to fenagle a towel to dry her off from a sympathetic swimmer who was won over by her large eyes and the splint on her arm I am sure. There is nothing sadder looking than a little girl with a splint and sling on her arm, especially when her hair is dripping wet, she is shivering, and giving you those big eyes. Another minute and I think I could have gotten her some dry clothes ;). The counsellors assured me she would be fine, as they had decided once her whole group was there they would take a trip to the womens change room and stand under the hand dryers. And judging by the look of the little drowned rats in her group, we weren't the only ones to get caught in the rain, so the dryers were a very good idea. DD was squared away and soon to be warm and dry, but I still had to get back to the car and it was pouring rain. Waiting for it to slow down wasn't being very fruitful, so I stuck my arm out the door to feel how bad it was. At that point the rain and air outside was warmer than where I was standing and shivering so I took a run for it. Or a 'hobble-for-it' but we won't discuss that. Again, this sounded like a good idea, until I made it to the car an even drippier and shivery-er mess. My wet jeans had sort of stretched out and I was stepping on the ends (which is hilarious since normally they are about a centemeter from being 'floods'). My tank top was completely see-through (wish I had worn my fancier bra). My hair was stringy and dripping into my face. My shoes were so wet they squished (so were my undies, for that matter). Just when I was starting to dry out a bit during the drive home, I had to sprint from the car to the house and get wet all over again. Today was not a good time to realize that my 'car' umbrella had been left in the house the last time we used it. So now I am changed into dry clothes with a towel on my head, drinking a steaming mug of coffee and listening to the blessed rain. DD called to say she is warm and dry and baking cookies at the daycamp (I am glad they let her call, I was worried about her being cold and almost didn't let her stay). The grass is greening, the trees are sighing in relief, and I do believe I can hear the zuchinni and summer squash growing. If I listen carefully I just might hear the cherry tomatoes pop as they swell from the downpour. Or that might just be the rain dripping from my hair onto the keyboard ;).

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