Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Knitters ADD. Or is it just avoidance?

There is this poncho I am SUPPOSED to be making. The pattern is not hard at all, the yarn knits like a dream. But it is a lot of counting, and for counting I need aloneness and quietness and no distractions while I complete a 24 row, 100-odd stitch repeat. Unless I plan on moving into one of those hermetically sealed bubbles it ain't gonna happen. "Make two, then join". Who are they kidding. So I decided that maybe I could extend the size of one of the sides to make it bigger, and call it a wrap. Yep. That's the ticket! With a nice fringe it would look better as a wrap, at least on a mature adult woman. But it is still a lot of counting, and for counting I need aloneness and quietness and no distractions. This is why I have been working on a million other things, rather than getting down to business and completing the poncho-cum-wrap. I should mention, it is one of those projects where you seem to knit and knit and knit and it just doesn't seem to grow, even though you can count one more repeat and set of leaves so for all accounts and purposes it should be longer. Rather than lift myself by the bootstraps and start working on that before it becomes an Easter present (rather than a christmas gift), I have started yet another project. Another poncho. I was finally able to cast on and work rows for DD's request. The only way I could do it was to hold the skinny yarn with a strand of white worsted, to get it started. After several rows, I have now cut the white yarn and using just the fluff line alone, and believe it or not, it is hard to see or feel any difference in the rows. Maybe once there are more rows and thus more weight and drape, but for now I can't even see where I stopped using the worsted weight. I haven't finished the first ball yet, which is good. I hope I have enough......two more balls of the blue then two balls of grass green. It only has to cover to the elbows, so I think I am okay. The irish hiking scarf is done, I have decided not to fringe it. And while it looks astonishing in real life, in pictures it just looks like a scarf (tee hee!) so I didn't bother to photograph it for you. If you want to know what it looks like, read back several posts to find it, then imagine it longer - har de har har. I have swatched a blue lacey scarf (but out of worsted weight) for my mom, and will probably start that soon on long needles so I can do two halves at once. Then they can be joined in the middle so the pattern falls correctly. Knitting the halves at the same time from two balls of the same yarn goes so much faster for me, than knitting on half then knitting the other before joining. I also find the gauge remains the same across both so they mirror each other better. I'll take a pic when I get started. Any minute now I will be starting some socks for my niece as well - funky ones with a separate toe so she can wear flip flops in them. I have everything ready for them, and I think they will become my "travelling project" to carry with me. Nice to have something to do in long lineups or waiting for appointments. I see the lineup of projects (some started, some swatched, some on hold, others just printed patterns and balls of yarn, still more printed but not 'yarned' yet) and I see the amount of time in a day, and realize that maybe I need to give something up to get it all done. Housework? Well, I already don't do that so giving it up won't help me much. Seriously, I think I might give up eating. I need to diet anyway. And if I don't eat I don't have to cook, shop, or put away groceries and that will buy me LOTS of time. Heck, I would have time to knit a car cozy if I gave all THAT up. Why are you looking at me like that? At daycamp this week, they are having "Christmas in summer". So tonight DD and I will be decorating christmas cookies, but using a beach theme LOL. I foresee gingerbread men in swim trunks, and gingerbread girls in swingy summer dresses. Rest assured, if the results are cute there will be pictures!

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Beth_in_TX said...

BTW, Dances, I found out that "twist L knit over R knit" and the other 3 sets of twists are really just tiny cables. I was going to use your suggestion and just twist them on a dpn, but guess what? I can't find a single one of my 8 THOUSAND dpn! LOL I trip over them when I don't need them.

Don't think it's K-ADD. I currently have 3 different knit and crochet projects going, and plans (and yarn/thread) for 4 more in the line up. I think it "addiction", not "disorder". LOL