Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No need to call all the kings men

DD had her x-rays this morning, and they can't see any breaks. Good good news! No more itchy hot splint, no more wrapping and rewrapping the bandage to keep it on. And no more worrying about her arm LOL. She looked at him very serious and said "And now for the important question. SWIMMING". He told her she could swim to her hearts content, which thrilled us all. She is a water bug, after all. She was not pleased at another entire morning of sitting in a waiting room, however. I think I have figured out the whole thing. It's a conspiracy. They charge you 3.00 per hour to park, then keep you just long enough that you stupidly run out and pay for another hour. At which point they come out and call your name immediately. This morning, no less than six people were called after they went to put more time on their parking. DH and I were smart, I sent HIM out while DD and I continued to wait. Because if they call your name and you aren't there (paying for more parking, going to the bathroom, grabbing something to bring back and eat since you didn't intend to be there past two meals and a holiday), they pass you and you have to sign in again. Talk about sucking rocks. Felt pretty bad for those people. Not bad enough to give them our place in line, but pretty bad all the same. She listened to my ipod for a while, and entertained the people waiting by singing songs like La Vida Loca, and Barbie Girl while dancing in her spot. What a nut LOLOL. She waited reasonably well, considering she was wrenched from her bed at daybreak and made to sit and wait without benefit of breakfast nor proper wakening. Being the bad mother I am, I brought no snacks. Mostly because when I do she devours them and continues to whine that she is hungry, so they just ramp up her appetite. And I refuse to bring a full meal into a hospital waiting room, there is just no way. I think bringing food into the hospital is about as bad as bringing it into the bathroom and eating it on the toilet on my scale of "horrors and atrocities that cause my brain to short circuit". Just slightly worse than wet coughs in an elevator and touching produce in the grocery store with a rumpled kleenex in your hand. The waiting room was packed, and that caused her some concern. She is a friendly child, but still not fond of strangers. Especially strange men, and the distrust gets worse the older the man is. And I am doing nothing to remove that from her, because I am just fine with her not wanting to talk, go with, or interact with adults she does not know thank you. She usually looks at me and waits for a sign that it is okay to answer if somebody asks her a question. Today there was no room to have a buffer of even one empty chair between us and others waiting. She was on the end, so was safe there with me on her other side. But next to DH there was an older gentleman. DD would smile at me, smile at DH, then GLARE at the man ROFL. I kept saying "you don't have to look at him like THAT for heaven's sake!". She would say ok, then a few minutes later I would catch her glaring at him again, willing him with all her might to move to another spot. Didn't work though. Her attitude toward strangers sometimes causes a conflict in me. On the one hand, I don't want her to think it is fine to talk to or go with people she doesn't know even if they seem very nice. On the other hand, I don't want her to think it is okay to be rude to people either. It's teaching the difference between being outright rude and being polite but wary that is hard, and what causes my inner turmoil. The in-laws and I used to fight about the fact it made them very angry, when they asked her to hug or kiss somebody she didn't know, that she would resist. I respected her desire to resist. I don't think she should be made to hug or kiss ANYBODY, even me, if she doesn't want to. They felt I was teaching her to be insolent and impolite, I felt they were teaching her that it was okay to let others roll right over your personal boundries. We never resolved that conflict and it still comes up with MIL when she tries to made DD do a dog and pony show for people they meet and DD resists. DD clowns it up all the time on her own. If she suddenly stops and gets shy I have to assume there was something that made her feel that way, and respect her instincts. So. I suppose I should start posting some pictures soon, huh. Well, I managed to forget a tiny part from the cord in Chicago. And I can't get one here anymore, and they are mailing it to me. So until then, we are pictureless. But I have an idea. Why not go out on your porch, right now. Take a look at the sky. Maybe it is blue with fluffy clouds. Maybe it is white with whisps. Maybe it is dark and starry and there is a haze around the moon. But whatever the sky looks like, let that be your picture for today. 'Kay?

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