Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ruby went to show and tell

The theme of the day camp this week was pets and animals, and DD wanted to bring Ruby in for show and tell. The kids sat in a circle and we told them all about pugs. How they take some special care, don't handle heat well, shed buckets, and love to snort/snot/sneeze. Ruby obliged by panting like a maniac and giving her beautiful pug smile while leaving a trail of coarse black hair everywhere she went. She snotted on a few kids, gave lots of kisses, and in general was adorable. Although every once in awhile she would try to sneak out of the circle to check out the kitchen LOL. I was showing the kids about how Ruby doesn't have a curly tail, but holds it that way when she is happy, and how her tongue perfectly curls up to cover her nose, and so on. We discussed her ancestry and that pugs were bred to be companions only. Dogs with face wrinkles that made characters for words like "prince" or "luck" or "money" were considered very valuable, and some people think the word pug means 'fist'. So I had all the kids make fists and see if they looked anything like Ruby's head LOLOL. When we were done and going home, DH said "You give good show and tell". First I laughed for five minutes. How can he manage to make something like show and tell sound perverted? Then took the compliment and said of course. I am Martha Steward without the money and conviction, what did he expect? If I had more time I would have made them all pug keychains or cupcakes with curly tails LOLOLOL. It's a sickness, really. Oh, and by the way. A curly tail made out of icing looks like dog poop, or deformed male genetalia, in case you are ever tempted to make pug cookies or cupcakes. Don't say I didn't warn you. We got an automated message that my package is out for delivery today, so I should be able to post some pictures tomorrow. I finished the baby sweater and hat I was working on, and it is so darned cute I have to show it off LOLOL.

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