Friday, September 29, 2006

*blink* *blink* TGIF?

Where in hades did the week go? And how can a week go by so fast and still be one of the longest in my life at the same time? I am not intentionally neglecting you, my darlings. But duty calls, and if I want to continue recieving the paychecks that keep us in gift shop underwear and fast food, then there is nothing for it. 18 hour days of computer work are taking their toll. My hands are becoming numb clubs. I tried peeling an apple this morning and I think I would have had better results tossing it at an upside down lawn mower and hoping for the best. Good thing Ruby could care less what her apples look like, as long as breakfast isn't late. The human child was even less lucky, her breakfast was a granola bar. She is going to turn into an individual serving packet any moment, at least if we truly are what we eat. Do I get extra points for the cup of milk she had with it? Probably not. I made her get her own cup and pour the milk herself ;). Slave driver. DH is starting to whine about his lunches. I think he should feel blessed that they are like the ONE thing I haven't cut out of the schedule (and that list includes potty breaks, TV watching, meals, hair brushing, laundry, housework, and changing into clean clothes - see "laundry" entry earlier in the list). Sure a single slice of fat free balogna on almost-stale whole wheat wonder bread isn't exactly inspired. It could have been worse, it could have been a granola bar. In an effort to help my hands and reduce some stress and give me something to do when I have too many things running and one more thing would crash the laptop but I am so wired up I have to do SOMETHING....there has been some progress on the poncho-turned wrap. Not a lot of progress, but progress just the same. There is a lot of counting, and for counting I need quiet. And in a happy turn of events when I am working during the day or up late (working) it also so happens that it is quiet. Nothing but the rythmic snores of a pug sleeping at my feet. Next week the day time silence will be shattered because DH will be on afternoons and insist on chatting with me and watching daytime TV. He has no interest in politics, religion, or any other tasty topic. But boy is he interested in every word Kelly Rippa says. He hangs on to her every word, laughs uproarously at her banter with Regis Philbin, and constantly stops and rewinds the show to SHARE with me her wisdom and wit. It is times like those that I am so sorry I bought that darn DVR system. I have decided in the interest of saving time and breath and DEADLINES that from now on I will not scream or yell or get upset when I am interrupted while working. I will simply rattle papers at him. Doesn't that sound fun and effective? If he tries to talk, I will rattle my papers at him. If he asks a question, rattle. If he requests that I look at the screen because he has a comment about Rippa's dress - RATTLE! It doesn't work on DD, she was my first paper-rattle test subject. Luckily screaming the word DEADLINE! or hissing "Can't you see I am working? Go ask your father!" are effective about 25% of the time. The other 75% I am pretty sure she is just toying with me to see if I really will have that stroke I keep threatening she is going to give me. Tonight I have given myself permission to do some "retail therapy". Not really shopping, in that I most likely won't spend a dime. I just need some time to wander around someplace aimlessly. Looking at and touching things with no real goal or intention in mind. That is what I need. No husband, child, or pet needing anything or wanting anything. No work demands. Just some time to amble and clear my head. This can be done at the mall, but I don't think I have the energy for that. Someplace smaller and less crowded. Like Canadian Tire. Or the dollar store. Walmart is not really right for this, because I will end up grocery shopping and picking up useful things like water pitcher filters and girls pajamas and men's socks. No, Walmart is not right for this at ALL. Sure, I don't really have the time and deadlines are starting to pile up. But something has to give folks, and I think right now that "something" is my sanity. I think of it as my one last chance to breathe before October is here. The first week of October we have a project go-live (and we are so not ready). Nothing like rolling out a program to employees that don't want it and resent your very presence, when really you agree with them and think the whole project is a waste of time but hey, it is your job and we are all just following orders, right? I anticipate lots of bugs, because we are behind and testing is not complete and the employees are so resistant to any change whatsoever to their routine. Then we have the week of Thanksgiving. I have to fit some baking and cooking in there somewhere or else there IS no thanksgiving, know what I mean? If I survive that week, the next is busy in a personal-life way. Every evening has a birthday party, dinner, event, or committment of some type. That weekend DD and I will be gone to the Brownie Camp and Activity day. I am going to help out, and DD wanted to go but would not unless I went. She accepts the fact we will be in different groups and she has to sleep in a cabin with 5 other girls and I can't be in there with them, she just wants to know that I am there. And that is fine. Doing things like Brownie camps builds character and reminds me of a)why I only have ONE child and b)why we never camp. The next week I am travelling on business. We are testing a new type of arrangment for DD while I am gone. DH isn't going to be able to just dump her at his mom's this time. Not sure if he is going to make the week LOL. The weekend after that I am going to be busy getting things ready for halloween. Now there is a quandry. DH is on afternoons and cannot get the evening off. While he is available to help me put up our display, we are lacking one vital person. We need one adult to hand out candy and watch the house, and another to bring the child trick-or-treating. And she is at the age where she wants to go wandering for hours, not like when she was littler and content doing four houses. Still working on those details. Thank goodness for halloween candy, I might not make it through October without it ;). Now. Where did I put those miniature chocolate bars? Oh. Yeah. I didn't buy them because I would just eat them. How rude am I?

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OH OH OH I've figured out where the Bureau of Motor Vehicles goes when they want to revamp their computer system.... IT'S YOU UP THERE IN CANADA!!!!!
Not quite ready for the employees... untested.... YES!!! Now I know the truth!!!