Monday, September 25, 2006

Cough. Sniffle. Snork. Want a kiss?

Didn't think so - tee hee! DD and I have a touch of "the cold". She is worse than I, coughing and sneezing and watery eyes and runny nose and all. I am a bit snuffly and coughy but nothing serious. I kept her home this morning because she sounded so bad when she got up. I always forget it's the worst when you first wake up, but then clears a little. She started off sounding like she was on her deathbed, but by 10:00am she had requested several meals and was running circles around me. Know what is worse than an over-active bottomless pit? An over-active bottomless pit that is home sick from school, that's what. And even worse? An over-active bottomless pit that is home sick from school and is a PICKY EATER. I have deadlines today and wasn't getting anything done, so when she asked to go to MIL's house (so she could play with the dog and get waited on hand and foot of course) I didn't balk. No guilt about spreading the sickness either, because that is where we GOT these sniffles in the first place. So I bundled her off, then hot-footed it home to get back to work. Very busy last week, and more to come this week. It is getting closer to the end of the year, and people are suddenly realizing that they don't have their projects done. And if they don't get them done, they don't get points for them. And no points means NO RAISE. So all of a sudden, every employee in every department has an urgent thing that needs doing, and of course none of them can do it themselves. These are all projects that have been delayed, pre-empted, pushed back, or forgotten but NOW they need to be done. And there is no relief in sight from the department heads, because if their employees don't get their points, then the department heads don't get points either. Which means no raises and bonuses for THEM. I can always tell I am speaking to one of these managers, one that has many employees with many projects about to miss their deadline, by the odd screech-monkey quality of their voice over the phone when they find out I don't have time in my schedule for them. See, I am the fall back queen. These projects are not mine, these people are not in my department. But the department that is SUPPOSED to be completing these things has either denied them, or pushed them back so far that they are in danger of being missed. And if the completion date is past the deadline (even by a day) they get no credit for having done the project at all. All projects must be completed, but to get credit they must be completed on time. It is finally sinking in that "Hey, wait a minute, this isn't going to make it!" and they panic. Back scratching and hand washing goes on, and my managers manager pimps me out to the highest bidder. Not because I have all this free time, not because I am some kind of miracle worker. But rather, I am hidden in the budget so free for him, he gets something he wants out of it, and they know I won't let a deadline pass if I can help it. The fact I am willing to work around the clock (including holidays and week-ends) when I don't get paid overtime makes me an idiot asset. Until next year when they forget I exist and freeze me out of the flow chart, because I am hidden in the budget and if they say my name out loud somebody might remember I work there and try to figure out who is supposed to pay for me. And that would be bad, apparently. So here I am, being forced to live against somebody else's horrific deadlines as well as my own. This blog break alone is going to set me behind (especially after this morning, and the three-breakfast-child) and I started at 4:00am. I'll be lucky to unfold myself from this computer chair by 6:00 tonight. Guess DH is making dinner, huh? I'll be busy bringing home the bacon, this time he can fry it ;). But make it turkey bacon - cholesterol, you know.

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