Monday, September 11, 2006

Crabby parents

This morning, my daughter complained that she has "crabby parents". Apparently we are crabby because we insisted she wear clothes and not a nightgown, made her put on socks against her wishes, and forced her into a jacket because it is cold. We said a big NO to ice cream for breakfast, and shot down her brilliant idea to forgo brushing her hair for smoothing it back with our hands and letting her wear a cowboy hat. Poor thing, how will she ever survive, with parents like us ;). Her teacher saw us in the playground, and commented that she thought both of us coming to the schoolyard was a "first week" thing, and she was surprised to see us there today. Perhaps we are odd, but if we can we always both go to bring her to school or pick her up. When DH is on afternoons, the morning is the only time he has (other than the week-ends, and he often works then too). We also both put her to bed if we can, and it has been that way since the day we brought her home from the hospital. Even if something keeps us both from going up to get her ready and read the bedtime story, we still make the trip upstairs to say goodnight to her while she is in bed. Getting hugs and kisses ahead of time just doesn't seem to count LOL. There was a stretch where DH felt he couldn't bother to get out of bed or help get her ready in the mornings, and that was first on my list of unforgiveables. If he is in bed before I am, there is no reason he can't get up at the same time at least, right? And I give him kudos that after a blow out or two he now understands and we have a system going. He gets her dressed and ready, I make her lunch and do the morning feeding routine of the zoo (which includes people AND animals LOL). I am hoping this lasts, because I don't want to have to get up two hours early. I barely sleep as it is. Of course, when he is on days he leaves before we even get up. I am not looking forward to next week. I have late-night deadlines that I know will be stretched to the limit, and I am solo in the mornings so I have to be up even earlier. I am tired already! I just saw a calendar, and had a momentary panic attack. Where did this year go? We are entering "the busy season" soon, and frankly I am shocked and appalled and so not ready. "The busy season" starts in October, with 7 family birthdays, my wedding anniversary, then halloween. Immediately after we have another birthday, and soon after that DD's birthday. All that pretty much drains our pocketbooks, just in time for the holiday season. It also taps us out physically and emotionally. I may SEEM like I am put together, but keeping track of what wrapping paper goes with which birthday, and who gets THIS and where did I put THAT, and remembering cards and stuff is not second nature to me. Okay, I am lying. I don't even seem like I am put together. Let me have my delusions. I manage to get it all done, right down to the origami on each gift. See, a few years ago, I didn't have any wrapping paper. All I had was some brown craft paper. No rubber stamps, no markers or pens available to me. Not so much as a crayon. I also didn't have any tape, because I am the type of person that can be completely out of tape and carry on blissfully until I have to wrap a present, and the horror descends upon me. This usually happens around five minutes before I have to leave the house for the party involving said gift. Perhaps I like the pressure, perhaps I just never learn. Moot anyhow, right when you are faced with nothing but an acre of kraft paper with just your ingenuity and maybe some scissors. I started by wrapping the present neatly with the paper, and using some string to hold it together. It looked kind of rustic, but not in a bad way. I didn't have a card, but the birthday boy loved frogs so I decided to take a scrap of kraft paper and fold it into an origami frog (something I learned to make in highschool and a skill that has many times saved the day in ways only a paper frog can). It turned out a little small, so I made a bigger one. Then one a little bigger. Then the next thing I knew, I was making a whole horde of froggies and tacking them to the present with itty bitty bits of adhesive foam strips. I ended up with a very interesting paper sculpture, which was the hit of the party. The birthday boy still has some of them lined up on his shelf. The next immediate birthday was a girl who loved butterflies, so out came the scissors and glitter and voila, birthday sculpture. I have done flowers, whales, cranes, stars, "poppers" which are little pouches that pop when you smash them between your hands, pinwheels, countless others. After each kid had a full sculpture, the next year it was regular wrapping paper, but with an origami/paper art figure tucked in somewhere. It's the first thing they look for, that little paper object. Which is nice, and yet creates a lot of pressure, if you would like to know the truth. I am not really GOOD at origami, and I have trouble following direction. Making a folded duck with nothing to follow but a bad diagram of different dotted lines is bad for my sanity. I am tempted to start folding a twenty in half and taping it down, maybe it will distract them long enough to divert their attention from the missing origami. But then again, that won't help the money problem, will it. Poop. All this stress over the wrapping, never mind finding the present to go inside. When I picked DD up from school she wanted to play a bit in the schoolyard. One of the other parents cornered me and asked if DD was going into Brownies, because if she was she would put her daughter in the same group (she normally goes to a different part of the city). I explained that DD decided against it and we weren't pushing it, because I was not in the mood to drag her kicking and screaming every week to a place she didn't want to go. Especially since the time frame sucked for me. One hour was not long enough to go back home, nor was it long enough to grocery shop or do any good browsing anywhere else. Sometimes I would sit at a nearby trendy coffee shop, but it was right next to a fitness center and I felt out of place sitting there with all the toned, tanned, taught people. I don't like feeling that I should be sitting in the back so nobody could see me, it isn't good for my self esteem. Ever want to raise your cup at every raised eyebrow and yell "skim latte, no sugar!" then show my receipt as proof I didn't buy and gobble up any pastry or cookies while I was there. Well, my darling daughter had already talked to her friends today, and there are going to be THREE of them in this group, so now she wants to register. I am telling you, if I go through the trouble and expense of registering her and getting the uniform only for her to kick and scream and resist, I just might have to sit on her. Right now I have her sitting and cooling off, because she got all sweaty in the playground. This kid sweats like you would not believe, especially her head. When she plays her hair gets absolutely soaked. But blessedly she hasn't reached the "stinky" age yet and though she sweats through her clothes, she has no B.O. Myself, not so much. It still looked cool outside so I just threw a light sweater on over what I was wearing. By the time I got to the school I realized my mistake, but since I was wearing a too-tight and too-short tank top (braless of course) under the sweater I couldn't take it off. I don't have B.O. yet, but I smell pretty brothy. Methinks a shower before going to register is in order, lest they think bad thoughts about me and my hygiene. DD is sitting still, which is about as rare as catching a hummingbird perching so I asked her to smile for the camera, and this is what they cheeky thing did. Never mind the hole in the couch, that is not for company. We usually have it covered with a throw blanket, but one of the cats got confused and thought it was a "throw UP" blanket and it is being washed.

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JenTX said...

You are a big ol' meanie! Get me all ready to see a picture of your "cheeky" DD and what?!?! No picture! Geez, get my hopes up, will ya! LOL

I think it's neat how you and DH both get DD to/from school when possible. That's pretty special and someday she'll realize it! (like when she's 30!) *S*

So where's the pic already?