Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Excuse me, have you seen my mind? Because I lost it.

Thanks to Jen_TX who gave me the heads up that the picture did not come through. I was having trouble posting it yesterday and thought it worked out, but apparently not. Here is my cheeky little monkey, giving me a "smile". I can't believe how big she is getting, who knew she was going to GROW and stuff. I don't post pictures of her often, but because she never sits still and they usually come out blurry LOL. So. How many times do I have to get soakers, or stones up THROUGH the bottom of my shoes (because they have holes) before I get myself new shoes? What is it with me and walking out of my footwear? Except for my exercise shoes, of course. Which are still pristine and show little wear. I wonder why? *cough* After therapy today I will have to suffer through *shudder* shoe shopping. I detest shoe shopping. I can never tell if they fit right, and I can't stand anything that is tight around me feet or across the top. It is a quandry, I tell you. Wish me luck. While I am at the mall I need to get some 3-6-9 essential fatty acid oil for the dog. I buy my vitamins on sale at the grocery store, but I go to an actual health store for the dog. Holes in my shoes, special shopping for the pet. I see a problem here. We managed to get all signed up for Brownie's last night. And is it wrong that my first thought, when seeing the day and time of the meetings, was "Boy, that is going to interfere with Survivor night". What has my life become? And I am first to admit, I am addicted to that show and for the first time in my life I have SHOWS to watch and a SCHEDULE of nights. There is CSI Miami and Project Runway on Mondays. House on Tuesdays, Lost and Bones and CSI NY on Wednesday. Thursdays are for Survivor, CSI and ER. Friday....hey, I have a day free! What do you know. Maybe I will watch the Good Eats and Food Jammers and Holmes on Homes that I PVR'd because I didn't have time to watch them (or they interfered with the other schedule). Even my family knows not to call on THURSDAYS because that is the big day. DH is always in danger of being pummelled because he is now hooked on these shows, and chatters during the program and asks questions and stuff. When will he learn, there is NO SPEAKING during ER? Sheesh. Tee hee! My dad often shakes his head and tsks, because for years I didn't even HAVE a tv. I had no idea what Seinfeld was until it's last season, which gives you an indication. Although I do believe we have caught up on all the shows through the magic of "doubled up" reruns on sattelite channels. Lucky me. On the knitting front, I am still working away at the wrap. I have gauge swatched for socks (I want ankle socks and have some yarn that so so ugly it sucked me right in and no way would anybody else come near it), and almost done the plan for a new poncho for DD. There is also the scarf for my mother, a silky thing using shiny thread that I think is meant for crochet but is lovely, and it is trying to kill me. I cast on from two balls so I can do two halves at once and attach in the middle so that the pattern falls correctly on each side. I abandoned both pieces twice, and one side a third time so now there is only ONE side on the needles. And the pattern is going to go the wrong way on one side and I don't care because I CANNOT DO TWO FREAKING PARTS at the same time. There are so many yarn overs that there is no way I can back track and un-knit if I find a problem at the end. And that happens often even though there are only 39 stitches across. Did I mention the effing yarn overs? I HATE yarn overs, in case you were wondering. They are fiddly and slip around and annoy me to work them. I like how they LOOK when it is done, I just hate working with them. Give me a P3tog-tbl over a yarn over any day. But I know the finished object will be lovely and cause my mother's coworkers and sisters to covet, and if I know my mother that will thrill her to no end LOL. Only it might be a birthday present rather than a christmas present if things continue as they are. Labour day weekend, my daughter and husband went to a nearby fair. And my lovely daughter used her very own money to buy me a present - a magnetic necklace that is supposed to help with just about everything from fibromyalgia to menstrual cramps. It was expensive, and when the dealer heard that she was using her very own money, he gave her a bit of a discount so she could use the rest to play some fair games or go on a ride or two. Very nice of him. It is lovely, it is pink and black and green and extrememly "sticky". Every bead is magnetized as well as the clasp, and it takes two hands and a lot of force to break the clasp open to put it on. It was a little short so I wrapped it twice around my wrist. I had heavy restaurant silverware sticking to my arm, this is how powerful this thing is. Being as I work on a computer, I could not feasably wear this as a bracelet all the time (never mind the fact that I scrambled my bank card, a hotel room key card, and a 'players club' card while wearing it). I don't care what the lady says, it was the necklace that did it and no I am not taking it off every time I get something out of my purse. Tomorrow I am going to get it lengthened so I can wear it as a necklace as it was meant to be worn. I really want to try it, and it was so touching how excited Krystal got, she paid for it and picked it out and it will help with my pain and my bad legs and feet, she said. She was proud, DH was proud, and I was proud that she would choose such a thoughtful gift. Maybe we are doing something right. Remind me I said that later when she dissolves in a meltdown because her nuggets are the wrong shape and I gave her milk in the wrong cup ;).


JenTX said...

Geez, I'll try this again. Last comment I tried to post it wouldn't do.

I'm still waiting for a picture of your DD cause I KNOW the pic you posted of that girl couldn't have been your 6 yr. old! She looks too grown up and she's not even wearing red lipstick or blue eyeshadow! LOL

You had me all teary-eyed at Krystal buying you that magnetic necklace. What a sweetie! Sometimes they'll surprise you.

And I'll let you know if I find your mind while I'm hunting for mine! ROFL

anette said...

she really is growing, what a cutie!