Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hand em over, Bucko.

I think I remember why I packed the grabbers into a tote and hid them in the basement. They scream out for miss-use by passers-by, that's why. First DD spent an hour trying to pick up objects from the floor, and attempting to pinch my behind when I wasn't looking. Only, she was THROWING objects on the floor to pick up, and trying to sneak up on me while giggling like a loon and saying "turn around and don't look". Not the best stealth tactics and enough to make me insane. I finally wrestled the grabbers from her and set them beside my chair. Which is where DH grabbed them from. First, he walked around picking up stuff from the floor. "Hey, this is great!" I thought. "He is doing the picking up". Only to notice that while he is picking items up off the floor, he is depositing them right back where he found them once he is successful in picking them up - which means back on the floor. When he got bored with that, he started picking things up from other surfaces and transferring them to a new one. A pencil was pinched from the coffee table and placed on a tv tray. A remote was removed from the tray and placed on the couch. There was an unsuccessful attempt to straighten the blanket on the back of the couch using the grabbers, but that was abandoned after a lot of trying. And grunting. A good five minutes was spent harassing the cats. And he would have harassed Ruby too, but she is sleeping under my desk and I refused to move out of the way so he could get at her. I took them away when he tried to molest me with them. I told him he has three light sabers to harass and threaten with, he doesn't need my grabbers too. Now he is sitting there looking bored. I bought two Pilates DVD's yesterday. They will fit in nicely with the rest of my un-used exercise video library I am sure ;). Actually, I am kind of excited to try the one, which can be done sitting in a chair. I have trouble doing exercises that call for lying on a mat or a lot of legwork. I am hoping I can up my fitness level this way before starting something that involves too much leg. It comes with some sort of exercise band, which from the picture looks like a deflated green balloon. I think I might get the most exercise keeping that band away from DH, DD and the cats. We all know that none of them can keep their hands off things, especially things that scream for miss-use. I can just imagine the stretching, flinging, and snapping of body parts that might ensue. No, it is of the utmost importance to keep that band hidden at all costs, methinks. When I was standing in front of the DVD display, reading backs of cases and sorting them into piles based on the chances I will a)be able to complete one session and b)actually try them more than once, I noticed a young male employee watching me. I was trying to look pretty absorbed in my reading of the cases. I just was in dread of this guy looking me over, and deciding that a Pilates video would kill me. Or being directed to the "diet" section. When he sauntered over, I was actually considering bolting. But I really wanted to try pilates, so stood my ground. He did look me over, and size me up. Then he gave me an enormous, impossibly bright white smile, and said "The guy in this video has better buns. But if you are a beginner, these ones are easier to follow and explain the moves in more detail. Plus at any time during a session you can press a button to see a close up demo of the move and get more detailed instructions. And it comes with an exercise band, so all you need is a chair and shoes to start". I smiled back, but my smile was not nearly as white and perfect. Sure, it would have been nice to watch the buns. Maybe I'll get that DVD later, as a reward ;).

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