Monday, September 04, 2006

Say cheese!

The workout room has been painted. There is no floor, and no ceiling. And no hope of ever getting the basement clean enough to get the crap out of there so we can put the exercise equipment in it. But it is painted, by golly! We wanted something bright. In another lifetime we painted parts of the basement blue. A nice cheerful robin's egg blue. Do you know what that blue looks like in a basement with no natural light, and only the lumens of a single 40 watt light bulb? Can you say dingy dungeon???? We have since discovered that when it comes to rooms with low light, yellows are our best bet. But we wanted something a little stronger than just yellow. We chose a colour called "Spiced butternut". It is the colour of birds legs. Or a cheese slice. Not a kraft cheese slice, that is too orange. A no-name cheese slice is about right. And since half of the one wall is cement and we painted that too, does it EVER look like cheese. Not sure if working out in a room that reminds one of cheese is going to be counter-productive. Nice for the skin tone, though. Once the white cieling is up and flooring is down, it won't look so cheesey. I hope. In order to make this work, I had to go through my "bins" stored in the basement and see what had to be kept and what could be tossed. Most of it was old stuff from when I moved from the company office into the home office. Old enough to be shredded at this point, so shred we did. We had a regular shredding party. I have never seen DD have so much fun, putting things through that shredder. Glad she enjoyed it LOL. DH was just overjoyed that some of the bins are empty now and can be used for something else. We still have some "communal" totes to go through, but we made a lot of headway. We have to make enough room not only for the crap that is in the livingroom, but for the christmas decorations and the suitcases as well. I want my bedroom back, darn it. I found some things I forgot I had, which might prove useful. My grabbers, for example. I knew I still had them! Now I can pick things up without bending over or crawling around on the floor. My heating pad. Hallelujah! Now I can use it at night, to help decramp my legs. It's also good exercise, fighting the cats off it so I can use it. My bug zapper. It is a thing that looks sort of like a tennis racket, and has a mesh of metal wires that become electrified when you press a button. I haven't used it, but when my sister got hers it was a right hilarious time, watching people zap themselves thinking "how bad can it be?" only to realize that DAMN this thing packs a punch. It is for that reason it got packed away without batteries, I am so scared DD will hurt herself with it, or somehow one of the animals will get zapped. I saw it take down a huge adult man. Granted, he decided to shock himself on the NOSE for goodness sake. I will never understand "boys" and their games ROFL. A few of my paintings, one of which brought tears to my eyes. I don't know what it is about the picture that does it to me, it's a depiction of vegetables and a cartoonish sun for goodness sake. But it turned out so well, and I just can't believe that I DID that. I tossed another picture that I painted and scanned to make fall cards out of, since I had the digital capture and the original was getting ratty. I decided the veggie picture is not going back into a box, but will be displayed somewhere. Just not sure where yet. Some of my adverts and cartoons I made for the social committee at work. You know, to announce sales of raffle tickets or special promotions. Let's just say, this little pile of doodles really confirmed that I have an odd sense of humour. It made me wonder, though. What happened to that creativity? I have to find it again. Not just every once in a while around a holiday, but in the every day. And I found a few more things, bits and bobs like my mini stapler, a favourtie coffee mug, that sort of thing. Some things (like the unicorn statue) were passed right to my daugher, and others (like the fake soft baseball and the squeaky "computer bug") were passed to Ruby. I gave some things to DH as well (a mini tool kit, and a flash light that is too hard for me to turn on anyway). I think I found the root of my problem. I have too much STUFF. More on that another day, I have to bring DD to buy shoes. This is our third try. If we don't get her some today, she'll be starting school in flip flops.

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anette said...

if nothing else, you can lay on the floor and pretend to be macaroni.