Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just a fricken burger

I don't know what is worse. Being trapped in a hotel with no transportation and no restaurant, or being trapped in a hotel with no transportation and a crappy restaurant. At this moment, with grumbling tummy, I have to say the latter. Yesterday I ate a chicken dish with rice and vegetables that sounded good, but failed miserably in reality. The "southwest glaze" and "tomato and onion salsa" topping was basically barbeque sauce from a bottle and salsa from a jar mixed and slapped onto a poorly cooked, charred chicken breast. The "rice" was more like rice-a-roni and the veggies were a completely unseasoned frozen mixture. I figured I had learned my lesson, and next time to stick to the basics. Burgers and fries, that sort of thing. So tonight I order the burger and fries, and decided to have it delivered to my room. There are a bunch of salesmen from Georgia staying this week, and they are heavy drinkers. Not in the mood to sit and listen to hooting and hollering (and no less than four tv's tuned in to sports). The tray arrives. I got cola instead of rootbeer. My burger is completely raw and frozen in the center and burnt on the outside. The bun was stale. It was delivered with cold fries (frozen). Not a condiment in sight. My pleas for ketchup went on deaf ears. Well, non-english speaking ears anyway. I sent it back, with instructions that I was not happy with the meal and no longer hungry. The same cold plate was returned 1/2 hour later. Burger still raw(and still with my bite marks), fries still cold, still cola, and still no ketchup. Oh, and another bill. So. Pay twice for the same, inedible dinner? I don't think so. I walked back downstairs with the person carrying the tray (and boy, did that make him nervous LOL). Spoke to the manager of the restaurant. We got it cleared up. He voided the two bills. He offered to remake the meal. I declined. It was just him and the tray carrier, and they both looked like spitters to me. So, no dinner for Dances tonight. Don't worry, I won't waste away. But it still burns my butt. I mean come ON. How hard is it to cook a burger and toss a bottle of ketchup to a hungry woman far from home?? I already checked out the vending machines. My choices are Pepsi, water, and what looks like they might be potato chips but the writing is nowhere close to english so who knows. I am not in the mood to experiment. My company wanted me to stay here, because of the shuttle and the restaurant right in the lobby. When I inquired about the shuttle, the desk staff looked at me like I had two heads. Apparently they no longer do that. I think I did better finding a hotel on my own last time. This place is cold, the staff is rude, the restaurant sucks, and the "free high speed internet" is ten bucks a night. Tomorrow I am catching a cab and finding food and a yarn store.

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mickey15 said...

Hey Dances, I've been checking back to see if you've ate anything decent yet. Hope you not posting doesn't mean you've been starving the last 3 days! LOL!
Hope there are better days, and meals, ahead.