Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lamb interrupted

So last night we didn't eat the lamb. No, I didn't screw it up or burn it LOL. DH came home and I really wasn't feeling well (stomach troubles, from my medication and we can't fix it right now and I am telling you, the whole running-to-the-bathroom thing is getting a little old). Broiling is quick so I knew I could get dinner done relatively quickly, but he said he was going to suggest going out anyhow. Where did the birthday boy want to go? McDonald's. That's right. McD's. Not because he loves the food. Not because he had a craving. But rather he wanted the monopoly game pieces, and one of the locations has an air hockey board and they both love to play air hockey. He invited his mother (insert eyeroll here), and off we went. I didn't order anything. Considering a glass of water and some unsalted saltine crackers sent me racing to the bathroom, I didn't feel that fast food was a prudent choice. Besides, my stomach hurts too much to eat. Dh ordered for his mother, and apparently "chicken sandwich" is confusing because she pitched a fit when she saw what she had. He offered to get her a burger instead, but she had meatloaf for lunch and didn't want that. Well, they have those subs now. For dinner???? Okay, your last choices are chicken McNuggets (those are for kids) and Filet O Fish (okay, I am sorry, but fish and cheese together on a bun makes ME want to hurl, I can't fault her for not wanting that). No point in offering a salad, that is like offering your best steak to a vegan. So she ate french fries and ketchup and sulked like a three-year-old who wanted an ice cream but had to eat dinner first. Then she got her nose out of joint because she didn't want to stay for DD to play. The only reason DD is allowed to eat that slop, is because she gets exercise on the play equipment after. Through it all, I knitted on the second sock. I am embarassed to say I am still on the ribbing, and considering I cut it down to one inch from the two in the pattern (and the six inches of sock down to two because I want ankle socks) I really should be farther along. I don't like to rush ribbing though, because one false purl and all is lost, right? Okay, that might be a little melodramatic LOL. MIL was not impressed anyhow. "What is that? A sock? What kind of fool knits socks when you can buy three for a dollar at the dollar store?". To which I replied with a wink "But are they THIS ugly?". She didn't have an answer for that and looked at me like I was a looney. Mission accomplished. I thought I had one more week before the birthday madness started, and I was wrong because it starts this weekend. So I still have my 10th anniversary tomorrow, then camping for two nights, then immediately to a birthday party without benefit of shower. Boy, aren't they all lucky LOLOL. Then home to finish packing for my trip to Chicago, and I will be gone the whole week. DH has to deal with a kids b-day party for a schoolmate of DD's (which may include buying and wrapping the gift), picture day, coat shopping (that kid grew so much over the summer, that the winter coat we bought two sizes too big no longer fits well), as well as getting her back and forth to a babysitter (who is getting her back and forth to school). He might have to get the halloween candy as well. That guy has a pretty busy week ;). The next weekend we have another school b-day and another family one. And we haven't even STARTED planning DD's birthday. She wants to bring the WHOLE CLASS five pin bowling. Boys and girls. Plus a few from other classes. Her father thinks it is a good idea (we can get a great deal on the bowling and the food, I will bring a cake). I think I am going to faint. The tentative plan is to divide the kids by bowling lane, and I might hire my niece and a few of her friends to be "team captains". That just might work. I still might faint, though ;). For camping this weekend, I am frightfully unprepared. I still need one more sleeping bag, and DD needs a jogging suit or two. She has to try on her rain boots and winter boots to see if they fit, and I don't even HAVE rain boots. We have flashlights, a million of them, somewhere in this house. And they all need batteries and EXTRA batteries once I find two suitable ones. Plus extra blankets, and more than extra pairs of socks. Wet feet are no fun when it is cold. I am praying for cold and snowy versus cold and wet, because very cold means less mud. I might also look for polar fleece pajamas for DD. Normally polar fleece is too warm for her to wear, but they would be just right for winter camping, I am thinking. I will be wearing my thick knit coat, which has polar fleece lining. And an old plaid flannel shirt to layer over a t-shirt. I keep looking at these fleece lined jeans Marks Work Wearhouse has on sale right now. I am too warm normally to wear something like that, but there is always toboggan season. And football games. And other times when I would like something warmer without the bulk of long underwear. We shall see. Just one last quick note, to let you know that Princess the Potato Bug is alive and well, fat and sassy, and looks pretty good - for a bug. DH commented last night that she looked SHINY, kind of like a dog will when they eat well LOLOL. The snail eggs, well, didn't fare as well. They disappeared one by one. I have no idea how, maybe they just fell in and got eaten. Then I noticed a second small cashe way up on the cover, at the other side of the tank. Maybe some of those might make it. The pet store told us they would take back the aglae eater, as I think it is too agressive now. I want to do that before I leave for Chicago. I won't get a new Dudley until after I come back though. OH! I ALMOST FORGOT! Guess I what I saw, on the way to bringing DD for a haircut? A YARN SHOP! A real, honest to goodness, yarn and knitting shop. Not the yarn section of Walmart or Zellers (mostly novely yarn and almost all acrylic, which is fine, but I would like some wool or silk or mixed choices). Not the yarn area of Michaels. A YARN STORE. I can't tell you how excited I am. The chance to touch and feel real yarn, real WOOL, real silk and yak and mohair. Sigh. I may have to leave my chargecards home for my first visit.

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