Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A sad day

Last night we lost an important member of our family. Dudley. For those of you who don't know, Dudley was a goldfish. Not just any goldfish. He was friendly. He liked to swim over and take a good look at you when you looked at him. He was always happy to see me, food or not. He would follow my finger, and when I had my hands in the tank to clean it, he would swim in and out of my fingers like he was playing hide-and-seek. Or maybe endurance trials like the dogs do at shows rofl. Every once in a while we would float a ping pong ball in the tank, and he seemed delighted in bumping it to-and-fro with his speckled snout. I liked to say he was the pug of the goldfish world LOL. DD had a friend over, and wanted to show her the fish tank. "Mom! Dudley is stuck behind the filter!". He wasn't so much stuck, as had floated there. So another circle of life lesson for DD, and her little friend by default, and her first visit here to boot. Between that and the fact she couldn't find our bathroom and wet her pants while she was here (there is nothing quite like the look on a parent's face when they come to pick up their child and notice they are wearing different clothes), well, this first visit is likely to be her last. There is only so much that can happen on a first play date. Life lessons and pee in the shoes push those limits. Either way, I am going to miss that little fish. Don't let anybody tell you that fish don't have a personality, or aren't real pets. I only regret that I never got a picture of him, they just never turned out right and I don't think I kept any of them. On the work front, I have been very very busy. Go-lives, presentations, daily deadlines, meetings and conference calls, I barely have had time to breathe. Today was particularly difficult, but it is too raw and too new to talk about it yet. Let me just say it was not pleasant, and as go-lives go it was dreadful. I have been part of downsizings that were less tense and nasty, even when I was the one who gave the axe and walked them out of the building. Just a little perspective there. After DD goes to bed I plan on taking the longest, hottest shower known to man. Or at least our little water heater. On the knitting front, I have completely abandoned the column of leaves scarf for my mother. I was hating it, the yarn overs were too fiddly to work with and I kept screwing up, and really. Did I want to knit that much hate into a GIFT? I didn't abandon the idea altogether, however. I started again with a few rows of garter stitch. Then two repeats of a beech leaf stitch pattern with some garter stitch in between and at the edges. There are only a few yarn overs and the pattern is much less stressful. It is wider than I originally wanted, and I see now that I put too much garter in between the repeats. But I still like it so will continue. A wider scarf suits my mother better anyway. I think it looks good, and I know it will look even better after blocking, even though acrylic type yarns don't block the same way nor as severely as wool does. And just so you know, it is not nearly as yellow as it appears in the picture! It is more of a pearly, shimmery wheat colour. My camera doesn't always capture colours well. Have you ever been craving something, bought the stuff to make it and could hardly wait until it was done to eat it? I have been craving - of all things - sausages and sour kraut. I finally gathered all the ingredients (ALL the ingredients, like it was a huge list. A can of sourkraut, a sausage, and an onion) and made it tonight. Disappointed! The sausage had a good flavour but the texture was too dry. The kraut was way too tart, and the onions kind of got lost. So I tossed in a defrosted container of cabbage rolls. It made the cabbage rolls taste really good, but didn't fix the sausage and kraut front. Maybe I will eat the cabbage rolls, pick out and toss the sausage slices, rinse what is left and use it for perogie filling. After adding a lot more browned onions and frying it a good long while, that is. I have been looking forward to this meal since the weather got colder (cool-ish. It was HOT today!), which is sort of sad in itself LOLOL. So that is it for now. I am ready for bed already. I wonder if I can convince DD it is later than it is, so she goes to bed two (or three) hours early. I really need that hot shower, before the over-tense muscles in my shoulders sproing.

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