Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The simple things

Sometimes I look at Ruby and think she is much smarter than I give her credit for. She really knows how to live. Full enjoyment of the simple things in life, that is her ticket. Not only does she like her meals, she revels in them. She eats with her whole being, tail tightly curled in unrivaled joy. Several times during the process (and while chewing and smacking and licking her chops) she walks away from her dish to give you a look of frivolity, as if to say "Can you believe how good this stuff is?". In fact, while I am preparing her food she can barely contain herself. She dances for joy, pirouettes, huffs and buffs and woos at me. When she can't take it anymore she stands up on the cupboard with her front paws and claws at the drawer fronts, clenching her little paws (she has such expressive toes) in excitement. She dances all the way as I carry her dish over to the feeding area, and if anybody else is in the kitchen she will run over to them and jump up on them as if to say "Isn't it grand? Aren't you excited?!?!". When she sleeps, she ZONKS. Complete body paralysis. Deep snoring and sighing. You know she is asleep from the tip of her pushed in nose to the tip of her curly tail. Even a cat doesn't look as comfy as she does when she sleeps. Watching her slumber on a pillow in such bliss, it is impossible to make oneself move her over to set down ones own head. Okay, I am a pushover, but I just can't do it. I squeeze my head onto a tiny little corner while she gets the rest. Literally, because I sure ain't resting on that one tiny cornery inch of pillow! If she sees me sitting on a chair or couch, she assumes that she is supposed to be on my lap, and in fact, insists on it. She won't jump up on her own until she is completely desparate, but "assumes the position" so I can haul her up. It's like lifting a squishy cinder block with legs that snorts. And I always exact my price for such a service, which is a big kiss right on her face as I lift. She hates it, but tolerates it LOL. Once up she turns once or twice, then plops down with a sigh. Nothing looks more content than a pug in a lap. Except maybe a pug with a lovey. Ruby has always had a lovey, but it has changed over time as they got grungy or damaged or disemboweled ;). She will suck on one part while kneading it with her paws. She sighs and snorts and grunts in satisfaction, and usually falls asleep. First her eyes close. Then her body relaxes. And finally, even her tail goes limp. So much enjoyment from a simple stuffed animal. Her current nap partner is a purple bear, stolen from DH. When we had the flu, DH was the last to suffer. DD, being a good nurse, brought him the purple bear from her own stuffy collection, to keep him company while he was in bed. Was it jealousy? Was it opportunity? After all, Ruby knows she isn't supposed to take DD's stuffed animals, but this one was on HER pillow. Either way, she appropriated it and sucked on it's nose and it became her new lovey. She still loves her squirrel(s) and the blue neck pillow, but the bear is her treasured nap partner now. If I ask her if she wants to take a nap, she excitedly goes and fetches the bear. If she sees me lying on the couch, she runs and gets the bear and joins me. Maybe there is something we can learn from her. She wants little, really. Just a few good meals, a nap or two, a nice soft pillow, a warm lap, and a lovey. With even one of those things, she is good to go.

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