Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sorry, Shari Lewis

Rest her soul, and bless Lambchop as well. Because that is what we are having for dinner! No, not a fuzzy sock puppet silly. Lambchops. For today is DH's birthday, and when I asked if he wanted to go out he said no, and DD suggested we make him a special meal. So lambchops it is, with those little round marble potatoes. Lily livered me, who still hasn't developed a taste for lamb, will be eating turkey cutlets but it will all be cooked together. DD and I baked a cake last night, and tonight she will decorate it so we can light candles and sing and generally make a fuss over DH, who will pretend not to want it but suck it all up LOL. No present, because we are still looking for the right one (a weight bench), but DD has made him a card. DD also suggested we make it "movie" night and get Nanny McPhee to watch before she goes to bed. Quite the planner, that little girl. So the muffins. Meh. Not sure I like a crunchy streusel topping on a blueberry muffin. The streusel was very tasty, don't get me wrong. But the extra crunch from coconut and macadamia nuts somehow just didn't meld with the tender muffin. The muffin part istelf was very good, even though I forgot the butter. Sometimes I am such a dork. I went to reheat veggies at dinnertime and found a small dish full of yellow sludge in the microwave, then suddenly remembered that I forgot the butter! Amazingly, considering the only fat was a tablespoon of oil and one egg (and some chopped macadamias), they don't taste like a low fat muffin and technically you don't miss the butter. I would add it for sure next time though, because I think it would round out the flavour more. I think I skipped it because the recipe called for the addition of buttermilk and butter in a row and my eyes saw butter twice and 'edited'. Darn my artificial intelligence. I don't like "adaptation software" in my word processing programs, I surely don't like it in my own thoughts thank you. In any case they rose beautifully (rounded tops on muffins, I am ecstatic). My frozen blueberries were another disappointment. I use frozen wild blueberries which are normally small like b-b's. These were the size of regular cultured blueberries, and their flavour was not very intense - which makes them very suspect if you ask me. They were okay in the muffins mind you, but not what I expected. So I would make the recipe again, but maybe with fresh wild blueberries and leave off the crunch. Picky picky picky. I have added quite a few more inches onto my mother's lace scarf, and I think I am almost at the 1/2 way mark. Okay I am being optimistic, it is closer to a third done. But if I keep plugging at it I hope to finish it sometime next week, while I am in Chicago. I am bringing three knitting and one crochet project with me. I could work on the scarf in the airport, but not the wrap. And certainly the sock. If I finish the second sock before I go I plan on starting a new one, I have a lot of ugly sock yarn to use up and still haven't found a "favourite" sock pattern for adult feet. I've already decided to go down a needle size or two for the next pair though, to get a smoother tighter fabric. And I want to try toe-up, because they seem to have a nice rounded toe and not that odd half crescent on a grafted toe. What is up with that? I prefer going around a few more times and doing a three needle bind off even with it's bulky seam, to that wierd horned look to the graft. And it ain't just me, because I have been peeking at socks on the net, and if the Yarn Harlet has horned toes, then it is the grafting because she is the queen of socks. Don't be looking to see me using two circulars though, I swear enough using one (even using it as a straight needle can make me a potty mouth). I have another scarf to make before christmas, but I haven't decided on a pattern. And a hat for DH, which I think will be the pirate hat, only using black and grey instead of black and white for a more subtle look. Hell, I love that hat so much I might just make it for myself instead! Oh, and I finally bought the book, Stitch and Bitch handbook (or somesuch LOL, I am too lazy to check the title) so I can see the alien illusion pattern. I won't be making a scarf but I want to adapt the pattern to a hat, mittens, or even a pillow for DH's cousin's son (did you get that?). Really into aliens right now, and I have been dying to try illusion knitting anyhow. I know I saw a pattern correction on the net, so I'll have to look for that before I start. So much to do, so little knitting time. As for something for ME, I have it narrowed down to two patterns in the Big Girl Knits book. One looks like a t-shirt, the other is more tanky. The tank would be easier and faster, but I am worried the baffled front might make me look pregnant. But then again, with this belly I always look pregnant. Or perhaps like I am smuggling a watermelon or small child under my shirt. At any rate, I'll have to check and see what kind of yarn I can get locally. I might have to order something. Off to look for a recipe for lambchops......

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Anonymous said...

Dances, I pound the lamb chops a few times to flatten them a bit, smash a cup of cornflakes (stick them in a zip-lock bag and let DD at them with a rolling pin) then roll/coat the lamb chops in them. Cook them in a non-stick frypan with a little oil and wa-la! We had lamb cutlets last night, with cauliflower/broccoli cheese and carrots and potatoes. Very yummy!

PS Happy Birthday to you DH.