Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where is my cocoon?

This morning I did NOT want to get out of bed. I was wrapped like a burrito in the comfortor (which apparently I stole while DH was in the shower), along with a snoring pug who was nestled at the small of my back and a cat who was draped around my ankles. The house was cold, the morning was dim due to rain and the shortening of days here, and I was toasty warm wrapped in a blanket being hypnotised by dog snores and cat purrs. When the alarm clock went off I tried to protest with a groan, but my throat was too sore for that. Not an "I have a cold and I am sick" kind of sore throat, but rather the "I was up too late and up too early too many days in a row" kind of sore throat. The "no way am I moving much before a cup of something hot" kind of feeling. Well, that or another hour of sleep but we all know that was not going to happen. Recently I have been finding that there is too much good tv, and not enough time to watch it. I know, I know! But come on! Does every evening have to have like, eight hours of programming I would like to see? Thank goodness for Friday's when nothing is on so I can watch some of the several hours recorded and not viewed. That is the problem with recording shows you don't have time for. Most likely, if you don't have time to view it when it is on, you don't have time to watch it period! If it wasn't for baseball pre-empting House and Bones, I wouldn't even be able to watch Top Chef, Design Interns, and X-weighted. Next week if baseball is over I am screwed. I don't even want to think about tonight, and Thursdays? Forget it. There are like solid four hour blocks of programming that are not to be missed. CSI. Lost. Survivor. ER. America's Next Top Model. Yeah, those days are just too busy. On the bright side however, I knit while I watch so I'll be making good headway on christmas projects. A relative of mine who is...well...."robust" has requested a knitted gift this year. Specifically a pair of yoga pants, a pattern for which she saw in a magazine. The thought of knitting an entire pair of pants for anybody other than an infant kind of makes me black out a little. I nearly lose my mind between the ribbed hem and yoke of a sweater, no way would I survive acres of pant leg. It seems knitted loungewear (note that she didn't want to actually use the pants to do YOGA) is an up-and-coming fashion trend. I mumbled something along the lines of machine knits being smoother and thinner and a somewhat graphic desription of what purl bumps do to backsides under pressure then ran like the wind. She has about as much chance of getting a pair of knitted yoga pants out of me, as my dad does getting socks for his size thirteen feet. Ain't bloody likely LOLOLOL. There is no way I have time to start it now, but I want to make myself something. Something ambitious but forgiving LOL. I am thinking a tanky top type thing from "Big Girl Knits", maybe in something hand dyed and luxurious. The plan is to write it off as a Christmas or birthday gift from the pets, so DH can't give me 'that look' when I buy more yarn or needles. The fiber can't be overly warm or sheddy so the research is going to be pretty intense. I am not afraid of hand washing and drying flat after shaping, but terrified of making something too warm for me to wear, or something that will shed or give me hives. Nothing shapeless or an amorpheous blob of fiber either. Something fitted. Something shaped. Something with short row boob room. Somebody come and hold my hand, because I am scared to death LOLOL! I'll let you know if I find anything interesting or promising. But for now, I am going to go get myself a cup of something warm and soothing, and try to sneak off to find the comfortor again. Think anybody will notice if I play hooky and spend the rest of the day burrito wrapped?


latibug said...

Thank you for always having a way with words that just makes me smile.

Hope you are able to find your cocoon tonight.

de said...

You have really gotten me interested in learning how to knit--but I live in fear of buying yet another hobby type project and leaving it rotting in my projects box. How long have you been knitting--is it really easy enough to do while watching tv?

DancesInGarden said...

De, I can't reply to you privately because I don't have an address to send to LOL.

I have been knitting for a little more than a year I think. Knitting can be expensive, figuring pattern books, good yarn, several sets of needles in different sizes. But getting started is not so bad, because all you need is some cheapie yarn (Red Heart Acrylic) and one set of needles, and a free pattern from the web or a craft store!

Or, for about 25.00 you can get a learn to knit kit that comes with some patterns, needles, some other supplies, and instructions for getting started and basic stitches. All you need is that cheapie yarn to get going. They also sell neat scarf kits with everything you need to make a nice (and addictive) garter stitch scarf, which is excellent practice and can TOTALLY be done while watching TV.

When I watch TV, I watch a little and mostly listen. If I want to WATCH tv I have to do something simple, no cables or lace. Perfect for making socks or scarves or sweaters when you are working on sleeves or midriff. Acres of knit and purl.