Friday, October 20, 2006

Yes, I can see how this is better. Not!

Okay. Are we ready for way too much information? If you are, keep reading. If not (or if you are eating), then click somewhere else for today. You have been warned. Not long ago we realized that the medications I am on were no longer doing what we wanted them to do. My blood sugar was creeping up, my blood pressure was creeping up, and my cholesterol was creeping up. Creep creep creep. Since I was on the lowest dosages of all, we decided to go ahead and double up. And whenever you increase a dose, certain things happen. First of all, the temporary side effects that you suffered long ago as rite of passage come back. Second of all, sometimes NEW side effects appear because of the higher doses, and these may or may NOT be temporary. How long to wait to decide this is up for debate. So for the first two weeks I felt absolutely horrible as I got used to the new blood pressure medication. I was anticipating this, because when I started taking it I spent two weeks feeling worse than crap. I made it the two weeks and it got better. However, the blood sugar medicine is being more of a brat. My stomach is in constant turmoil. It hurts all the time (like I was punched, but sometimes the pains are sharper, like gas pains). Anything I eat or drink goes right through relatively unchanged. You would think that means I have lost so much weight, seeing as my food cannot possibly have time to absorb. One pound. That's right ladies and gents, I spend most of my day in the toilette and yet only ONE POUND has left me. It seems so unfair. Anyhoo. For the first two weeks I thought I could handle it. It was an inconvenience, nothing more. Then another week, and I was getting tired and stressed out. Then another, and you know, it's really starting to piss me off. I made DD late the other day (after freaking out when she made us late last week) because I had to run to the bathroom ONE MORE TIME before we left. I hadn't even eaten anything, where was it coming from? Are aliens injecting my innards with green water as I sleep? Who knows. Stranger things have happened, I am sure. To add to it, the blood pressure meds are making me dizzy. Not light headed, not vertigo, and not all the time. I will be standing there, minding my own business when it feels like somebody violently grabs the world, turns it, then rights it again. I grab onto furniture so I don't fall off the earth, then my head spins so hard for a few seconds afterwards I can practically hear it. Apparently, that is my pressure dipping low. Finally, I am giving up. Throwing in the towel. Crying uncle. I have camping this weekend (unheated bathrooms, remember me as you use your nice warm powder rooms for the next three days). Next week I am Chicago for five days. That's two airports. I can't be missing my flight because I had to make an emergency bathroom run. The thought of being in that tiny airplane bathroom during turbulance, or takeoff or landing doesn't exactly thrill me either. I don't want to have to request an aisle seat so I can get up and sit down forty times during a flight that is less than two hours. I called the doctors office and BEGGED for an appointment so we can get this all fixed. "What do you want us to do?". I don't care. Give me something. A shot in the butt, an iv, sew up my patoot. We don't know if the dizziness is going to get worse, better, or stay the same. At this minute I could care less how we fix it all, but it has to be fixed. I asked if I could cut the meds back and see if it helps, or can we try something different instead. After a long wait, the receptionist called me back. He doesn't want me to cut back on the meds because we don't know what will happen if the dose is lowered again. It could be fine, it could be bad. He also doesn't want to give me something new to take because the other med has a higher chance of dangerously low or high sugars, and who knows how I might react to a new blood pressure medicine, and it scares him to send me away to Chicago by myself that way. "You don't want to be in a cab in a strange city and disoriented, or pass out". I refrained from telling her I am ALWAYS disoriented anyhow and nobody would know the difference - but they have a point on the passing out thing. Okay, they have good arguments. But I can't go on like this either! So I begged.....for the trip, JUST for the trip can he give me something to calm my stomach and keep me out of the little girls room for more than five minutes at a time? Nope. Eat binding foods. Nice. So what does a person do, when cheese, bananas, and plain saltine crackers cause a barrel-run? Sigh. Wouldn't it be nice to live with ME these days? Even better, wouldn't it be nice to celerbrate your 10th anniversary, and your chances of nookie are about zilch because bathroom runs are just not conducive to romance? I suppose you can send DH condolence cards LOL. But we did manage to go out last night. We had dinner at Red Lobster (DH loves seafood and so does DD, and in this city Red Lobster is about the only choice for that). Dh figured I wouldn't want to go, because of my "difficulties". I told him since it didn't matter what I ate and I was going to suffer anyway, why not make it worth the suffrage? Then again, I think his mind was calculating that this dinner was going to be one expensive bathroom trip. Meaning even if I didn't spend the entire evening in the bathroom, that was where my expensive meal was going to go, and pretty soon after eating it. Ew. LOL! But in better news, he gave me these flowers. Picked them out with DD and had them add the lillies (which DD chose). Then they had them delivered. Yesterday morning when I got DD up, she was blinking and rubbing her eyes and asked dreamily "Is today your anniversary?". I said it was, and she said "Okay then" and rummaged in her headboard for a bit before producing a card. DH gave it to her the night before to give me in the morning LOL. A small thing, but it was touching actually. And she kept telling everybody in the schoolyard it was "our" anniversary today. Cute. What can I say, the girl likes a good celebration! I gave him the weather station, which he seemed very excited about. He plans on setting it up this weekend while we are away camping. After dinner we came home, played a few hands of cards (some odd conglomeration of crazy eights and go fish and war that they made up and I certainly don't get. They had fits of laughter watching my face as I was completely and utterly lost, sitting there holding cards after they were done and having no idea what just happened). Then dd was off to bed because it is SURVIVOR night. And CSI night. And ER night. And was America's next top model yesterday or the day before? My television viewing days are running into each other. Anyway, it is a pretty intense tv night LOL. So that was our evening. To dinner, cards, tv, and lots of pressing the PVR pause button so I could make a run for it. Sound like fun?

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