Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Birthday Madness

So we survived another birthday. It is no longer a birth DAY really, it always turns into a days- long debaucle. First, there is the "class" party, or the friend party. This is the party where she gets to invite little kids and we do little kid party things and eat off party theme paper plates and wear little cone hats and smears of bright coloured icing. This year, it was bowling. The THEME was not bowling, but it was a bowling party. An hour of five pin bowling, then hotdogs and cake and ice cream. What more could a kid want? Well, a lot, actually but we won't get into that LOL. The girls enjoyed themselves, DD got some nice presents, and a fun time was had by all. Except DH and I who almost needed resuscitation after having 12 girls run amok in a bowling alley. I have nightmares of the bathroom trips alone. Then the next day was the "family" party. If I can, I combine these things. But it is getting harder and harder to do so because our house isn't getting any bigger, but half the guests are LOL. We just don't have room at home for everybody, and there wasn't room to have everybody at the bowling alley. So we had family for pizza and salad and home-made chicken soup, and cake and ice cream. It went okay. Everybody seemed to have a good time, but I get frustrated with how small our house is. I never thought about family gatherings when we bought it, which is quite stupid because just my immediate family alone is too much for our tiny house. As the party was winding down, my brother said "Hey, you know, the only thing is I am still hungry. Maybe some veggies and dip or a fruit tray would have been good". I thought he was teasing me because I had put out a bowl of clementines. I was hoping to foist them off on unsuspecting people, because they are hard to peel and quite sour and I'm too cheap to just throw them away. He said no, no, I mean like melon and fruit dip. "It would really have hit the spot". Then I got it. MY TRAYS! I forgot to put out my trays! He got some water out of the fridge and saw the trays in there and told DH, and DH put him up to asking me for fruit. So they are both in trouble, and I told them not to worry because I would get them back SOMEHOW. But the bigger issue is, how on earth do I always manage to forget something? It's not like I wasn't in and out of that fridge a hundred times, and for goodness sake they took up the whole fridge. Not easy to miss, for a normal person. I had a list too, and still missed them. Sheesh. As for the food, DH and I almost had an argument about how much pizza and whether or not to put out the soup. I made it specifically for that day, but "Soup is stupid. Who ever heard of soup with pizza?". He didn't want me to make two salads either, nor did he want me to order three pizza's. His cousin's wife alone eats ten pieces, and most of the guests were big guys and big eaters. We had 22 people, including 4 children. We had a ceasar salad made with 4 heads of romaine, a garden salad with 1 head of iceburg and 10 cups of mache mix, a gigantic slow cooker full of soup, and 96 pieces of pizza. We had 6 pieces of pizza left, and I didn't eat any. The soup was drained dry, the salad was gone. People had seconds and thirds, so I know they all ate enough. But gracious! That is a lot of food. Maybe if I had remembered the trays......nah. Not that I wanted leftovers, but maybe next time DH won't argue with me about what to have. She got even more lovely presents, and not a single duplicate. And it wasn't a towering pile, either, which is refreshing because usually we get burried. I kind of wish her b-day was in the summer. Between her birthday and Christmas, the "stuff" gets kind of overwhelming. There is only so much you can clear out every year. Then add the b-day and Christmas stuff for DH and I and we need a bigger house LOL. I wonder if I could ask for donations for my fridge this year, in lieu of gifts. Hmmmm. Yesterday was DD's actual birthday, so she got to choose where we went for dinner. Burger King. All the places in the city, and she chooses Burger. King. What is the world coming to. I had blood tests today so I couldn't eat (it was too late, we had to bring MIL to vote then we needed to vote, and by then it was past my deadline) but DD got to eat and play and if that makes her happy, then we are happy LOL. She was thrilled to get a small gift from the animals (a necklace and bangle bracelets), and books from DH and I. It did my heart proud to see she was as excited about her new "chapter" books as she was about the Baby Alive. Maybe I am teaching her a thing or two after all. Yes, the cake is a tree. I only have two shaped pans, and DD insisted she wanted the tree. And what the birthday girl wants, she gets. I used very bright colours, the kind that it is hard to look directly at LOL. It turned out very well in person, sort of looked like a pinata. For the "home" cake I baked one chocolate and one vanilla in 9x12 pyrex and left them in there, just decorated the tops. Same bright colours. The pictures of those are on the other camera and we haven't downloaed them yet. Last night, she had candles yet again in a piece of pie sent by MIL. Must be nice, to get three candle-blowings and three wishes for a single birthday!


JenTX said...

Awwwww, Happy Birthday Krystal! Is she 7 now? Sheesh, the time sure does fly by! Hope you have some pictures in your other camera of the BIRTHDAY GIRL! I'd love to see her with a cheesy "it's my birthday" grin!

Why don't DH's learn that we know what we're doing and NOT QUESTION US ABOUT OUR DECISIONS?!?!?!?!?! I would have died of embarassment if I'd have run out of food. Good thing you had all you did.

Impatiently waiting for more pics........*S* (and it's my birthday today too but I'm older than 7 by a great deal!) LOL

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Happy Birthday, Krystal! Did you really ask for a tree cake? You can tell Auntie Paula the truth.

I feel the same way about our house. We have a decent-sized yard so we have a big party in the summer but Nick's birthday is in January and we have to pack just our families in like sardines for that.

I always make too much food. Leftovers never go to waste. DH would never argue with me though. All of the men in his family just pile their plates with as much food as they want, without thinking that maybe there won't be enough to go around if they take too much. That irritates me so much - the women just encourage it and go without if they have to. God damn, I'm not going without just because the men have the manners of small children.

Anonymous said...

I've just got to say it - 2 parties plus a family dinner for a seven y-o is one and a half parties too many. Why do you feel the need to host so many things?

I'd have done the bowling party, and then invited grandparents only for a small b-day dinner. Or had the big family party, and only cupcakes at school, with no separate kid's party.

We also limited my son to only the number of guests that corresponded with his age - less expensive, and the kids don't get so overwhelmed that they freak out and break down.

By the time he was 9 we would ask - fancy dinner with Mom & Dad, or party? Surprisingly, he usually chose the fancy dinner out with us - and we did make it fancy, in a really nice restaurant, but that $100 bill was usually cheaper than a party in some sort of venue.

So a really longwinded post, but you do have the "disease to please" - and you need to fight it! As you discovered a few weeks ago, your daughter will not be forever scarred by not getting everything!

I apologize if I seem really blunt - it is my personality, LOL, as much as isolating a sterile cup is yours!

Still, my best to you and your family, even though I want to yell NOOOO in your ear.


DancesInGarden said...

Mary - I would rather just do one fun party and that's it. But sometimes I just can't fit everybody in, and if I didn't do that I would have to make separate visits to all those people because they want to give DD a gift. And each place would insist she blew out candles and what not, and I don't think my sensitive nerves could take 22 visits and 22 candle blowings. So this is my compromise. It does sound like a lot, and it is. But for now, it works for me. Sort of LOLOLOL.

And Paula - she did TOO ask for the tree cake! I have it on camera bwa-ha-ha-haaaa!