Monday, November 27, 2006

Building character

I am telling you, I had no idea a simple lace scarf could be such a character building experience. Because this darn scarf is still not done and getting even more unpleasant to knit. Especially after working with GOOD yard. I thought that rewarding myself with an enjoyable knit (multidirectional scarf with SWS) in between repeats of this soul sucking tangle of thread, that I could trick myself into finishing it. Sigh. It kind of backfired, because SWS is so nice to work with (yes, it is fuzzy and splitty and has knots but I love love love it). I have about twelve repeats to go, and a whack of garter stitch. I considered abandoning it yet again, but somebody came along and gushed over it, and said it was PERFECT for her and blah blah blah. Knitting this scarf is kind of like shoveling snow and eating brussels sprouts. Nobody really wants to do it but it has to be done, and it's best to just get it overwith as quickly as possible, yet that is so hard to do when faced with a steaming pile of stinky green-gray death on a plate. Just so you know, I have come to terms with the little cabbage thing and actually like them now (cooked properly, of course). And I kind of like shoveling snow because it gives me an excuse to play outside. But for illustration purposes, these two examples are pretty right on. We got a little christmas shopping done. And apparently I look more threatening than I thought. We were looking for a certain game, not sure if the store was sold out or simply never had it in stock. Another woman was looking for the same game, and I quipped "Watch, we'll find ONE and have to fight for it". She said Oh, it's not worth fighting for, I would just give it to you and let out a nervous laugh. So we looked. DH saw her high tail it out of the aisle but thought maybe she just gave up. We finally gave up as well, and on our way out of the store we saw her, and GUESS WHAT WAS IN HER CART. I said "Excuse me!". She turned and looked at me, with absolute terror in her eyes. "Where did you find it? Can I just look at the front so I know what I am looking for?". She kind of held it up, then quickly said she found it lying in another aisle (it isn't the only thing that was lying *cough cough*) and took off, almost running while pushing the cart. DH was busting up laughing, and wouldn't tell me why until we got to the car. "Don't you realize? You basically threatened her. She was scared to death. I thought she grabbed something fast off the shelf, she must have found the last one". So there you have it. There is a woman out there scared to death of me, and will probably relive the trauma every time her child plays that game. For the rest of the day DH teased me that I am mean looking and people are afraid of me. I kept saying, in a perplexed voice "How can you be scared of somebody in a technicolour knitted coat for goodness sake? I look more feeble minded than dangerous". Last night while watching tv, we both went for the last cracker. And he pretended to be all scared and offered it to me, saying "Please don't hurt me, lady! You can have the cracker!". Then he quickly shoved it in his mouth and ran like hell. Apparently he still thinks it is all very funny. Then, we went to a discount store to return a pair of slippers DD got for her birthday from DH's aunt. They were way too small, and while DD doesn't wear slippers we just wanted to exchange them for a bigger pair. I did not ask his aunt for the reciept, the name of the store was right there on the packaging. I figured since I was just exchanging there wasn't any big deal. I figured wrong. You see, it never occured to me to put them in a bag. I don't have a bag from their store, after all. So we just carried them in, right to the customer service counter. She had us pegged for shoplifters the minute we walked in. I got a lecture about returning items. Always in a bag (any bag) and always with a receipt. I told her I just wanted a bigger pair, not a refund. She grudgingly said to go look for a larger pair. Well, they didn't have any larger in that style, so we found another pair that cost slightly more, in her size and in a better colour. When we went back, she was gone and had the slippers behind the counter in a box for restocking, but not as a return. In other words, she thought we were trying to scam the store out of a three dollar pair of slippers. I was not especially impressed. The next 20 minutes or so were quite unpleasant, but eventually resulted in speaking with the manager and getting the second pair of slippers and just paying the difference (which is what we intended, wasn't it?). And the manager announced, quite loudly, at the end of the transaction "Since you didn't have a receipt, I can't give you one now" and RIPPED IT UP! Dh saw the look on my face and took off, knowing there was going to be something ugly going on in a moment. He would not have been disappointed, had he stayed to observe. You see, I personally don't shop at this store because it's location is not convenient to me, and frankly the place is a disorganized mess and most of the items are irregular, expired (or close to expiration) or damaged. But an organization I know DOES use this store. On a quarterly basis they spend a large sum of money on kids clothes, boots, toys, and other items to donate to local charities. And guess who is on the committee that decides WHERE they spend that lump sum of money to buy the goods? And guess which store was already hanging by a thread because their wares are getting worse and worse, and let's face it - donating cheap junk is not the most noble of ventures, is it? We were already debating a change in supplier, and this little transaction tipped the scales in another direction. In my humble opinion, they would have been better to simply deny the exchange/return (citing they have a high instance of fraud), rather than treat us like criminals and embarass us publicly. After all, there are cameras every two feet. If they really wanted to know if we took the slippers off the shelf and were trying to pull something over on them, there were other ways to deal with it. As for myself, I can reliably say I will NEVER EVER be back in there again. And just in case the manager sees this - if I were going to pull a switcharoo to get the return money, I would have taken something that costs more than three dollars, you asshole. There. I said it.

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JenTX said...

Isn't it ridiculous how some stores treat their customers? I know there are some people who spend their time ripping off businesses but I'd be willing to be they aren't doing it over $3 slippers!

I'd love to see the managers face when he learns they aren't on the Charity list anymore and see just WHO is on the board! LOLOL Serves 'em right. Too bad he wasn't as scared of you as the lady with the last game! rotfl