Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dratted rechargeable batteries

I use a wireless keyboard connected to a laptop. I used to use a wireless mouse as well, but it weighed like three pounds and I like my little USB travel mouse, but that is neither here nor there. Anyway. A while ago when the keyboard batteries died I decided to be environmentally friendly and use RECHARGEABLE batteries in it. I am hard on keyboards and change the batteries way more often than a typical user, and I felt pretty good about keeping a big ole carton of crap out of landfill. But here's the thing. Certain items just don't work well with rechargeables. I used to get about three months use out of a single change. Now I am lucky to get a month. And the batteries never die at a CONVENIENT time. Of course not! Seeing as I am typing this using that odd little keyboard on the laptop itself, arms suspended in air at the worst angle (if I bring the laptop down I can't see the display because of an eye ailment we will not discuss because I haven't accepted it yet) - this is one of those inconvenient times. I just got a work assignment that is absolutely huge, due like NOW, and pretty impossible to complete without a regular keyboard. So this is more of a request for prayer than a blog, really. Keep your fingers crossed, and give me all the luck you can spare, because I need it today! I promise a GOOD blog tomorrow. 'Kay?

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