Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fashionably late

It wasn't until I had started eating dinner that I realized - I forgot to blog today! It was such a busy day with appointments, deadlines, school visits, and DH is on afternoons so that always makes a day busier because that guy is high maintenance. Look at this, what is this, where is this, how do I do that. Sheesh. What shall I blog about? Our delicious dinner of boxed mac and cheese and hotdogs hardly seems worthy (nor was it delicious but I am allowed to take some poetic license, aren't I?). Nor does the three appointments I had today. One was therapy but was the same old same old and nothing ever changes so nothing interesting there. Then a dermatologist appointment to check some spots, which I was told are officially "spots" and "seem harmless". Well, it is nice to know they aren't going to suddenly try to kill me in my sleep. After all, isn't that what they mean when they tell us to keep an eye on our moles? What else could we be watching for? The last was to get a quote for "detailing" my car. My car smells funny. If funny really means "like the decomposing flesh of a stink alien", that is. It started not too long ago, and smells like something died in there. I have checked to make sure an errant grocery item didn't roll under the seat or get lost in the trunk. Nothing has been spilled, and I haven't murdered anybody in there.....recently anyhow. Those of you who are tempted to ask the neighbours if they have seen my DH recently are NOT funny and that type of behaviour is not helping anything. I looked under the hood to see if some hapless creature met it's demise in the engine parts, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I have high hopes that a good shampoo and a thorough cleaning will either unearth the mystery, or eradicate the smell. One can only hope that I am not trapped in a bad episode of Seinfeld. There were several things for work I had to have completed today, and I got them all done in time (by the skin of my lovely brace-straightened teeth I might add). This was no small feat, because two of them I had completely forgotten about. Have I mentioned I absolutely love electronic scheduling programs? It doesn't even matter which one. The fact that I can type stuff in and have something remind me to do it is just so cool. And I don't even have to pay a secretary! Wouldn't you hate to be my secretary anyway? I wouldn't work for me. Who wants to work for a person that rattles paper at you and shouts "DEADLINE" every time you ask a question. And I bet I don't even buy good "Secretary day" gifts. Then again, you would never catch me having my wife pick something up for your Christmas gift. Mostly because I don't have a wife, and let's just say DH's shopping isn't reliable. We met with DD's teacher to try and deal with some stuff going on, and it was a complete and utter waste of time. Although we did get a chance to see DD break a rule, and act snotty when she was caught. Hoo boy, that did not go over well. As I type this there is a very sullen child sitting next to me, staring at a dark and cold TV set eating a dinner she didn't want. And after that she will have a bath she doesn't want and go to bed early which is NEVER wanted. On a good note, we got her report card and her grades are much improved over last year. I sent DH to PetSmart to get bird supplement. I gave him the empty tube, explained where to find it in the bird section (right across from the cages full of screeching cockatiels) and even gave him money. He came back with bird supplement - for BUDGIES. Frankie is a CANARY. So I sent him back. This time he arrived with the correct bird food, and two packages of dog treats. You all have seen my dog. Does she look emaciated and in need of extra food treats? One can only assume they had a scantily clad, large breasted woman working at the display for these new treats. You want to sell my husband something? Send in a half naked woman with big boobs. He'll buy just about anything. The woman doesn't even have to be especially attractive. I know, doesn't say much for me. But I know the truth, even if it hurts. Then we played twenty questions while he baked a frozen lasagne. There are only four steps on the package. Preheat oven. Remove from box. Bake lasagne for x number of minutes. Remove from oven. One can only assume the next forgotten step involves actually eating the thing, but why complicate things with hypotheticals. How a man can come up with so many questions about such a simple thing I will never know. Remember that paper shaking and deadline shouting? I did a lot of that today. It was not effective. After he left for work I practically needed a nap. Tonight I plan on getting some serious knitting done, so I might have some pics for you tomorrow!

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