Monday, November 06, 2006

House of the purple toe

I have a black brieface on wheels. I love that thing. I can fit my laptop, all the cords and accessories, my paperwork, pills, and a whole world of things in there. A handle telescopes out, but doesn't seem to take any room at all in the bag. I love that thing. DD loves it too. She is always playing with it and getting in trouble because there are things in there she should not be touching or playing with or rolling around. She sits her dolls on top and drives them around, or uses it as a shopping cart, or tries to use it as a skate board. We get in more fights over that briefcase! And this weekend was no exception. It lives behind a chair in the family room, right next to my work area. It is out of the way there, but still accessible so I can store things in it. Of course, it is a constant temptation to DD because it is in reach. Sunday she had it out (with the fly swatter in it to be used as a gear shift. I don't even want to think about the fact that the business end of the fly swatter was in with my paperwork) and DH caught her and warned her to put it back. Which she did, sort of, as it was sticking about two inches out. I came down to get the phone, and didn't see it sticking out in the dim light down there, seeing as the thing is matte black and low to the ground. I caught my baby toe, and broke it pretty good. In between the toes it is black and purple and the whole thing is pretty puffy. Now, I am sure nobody is in a good mood after breaking a toe, but I was FURIOUS. This isn't the first time she has left it sticking out, and it isn't the first time I have tripped on it. And when she saw me fall, she ran like hell and hid under her covers because she knew she was going to be in trouble. Dh lectured me that it was my briefcase and I should have a better place for it, blah blah blah. Fine then, I'll toss out your drums and store it THERE, asshole. Oops, did I say that out loud? All I can say is the therapist is going to be earning his money tomorrow. We had a family birthday party yesterday evening, and I spent most of the night defending my foot against my own child, who has some uncanny knack for honing in on an injured part of my body and constantly bumps it. Finally I put it up on a kitchen chair to keep her from stepping on it AGAIN, and what does she do? Drops a cup on it. That's right! Dropped a heavy ceramic mug over the back of the chair and it hit me in the toe. I need a cage, so I can sit in it for my own protection. At least until the toe looks a little less like Barney. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that my car may not be coming home. We have to face facts, if they want like 3 grand to repair it, it won't be worth it unless they can guarantee I'll have at least two more years without any new repairs. So I have been keeping my eyes open for something I might like. While I want a four door (I have a two door now and really it is a pain) it has to be something small with good mileage and low kilometers. I prefer hatchback styles because I feel they have more storage space. And four cylanders or less, please. I am sure it will have to be used, I can't afford something new right now. As it is I hit the end of my pay every month, no way I can add a car payment to my list. As we have been driving around, I see some that look interesting. DH has a unanimous response, basically he hates just about everything that I like. Finally I said never mind. I won't point any more out and please stop sharing your opinion because you are unsupportive and rude. I don't like the cars that he looks at, but I don't say "ew" or "that is just stupid" or make derisive comments. Once again, he doesn't "get it" and says I am being moody. Being without a car is one thing, being without a car and unable to walk around comfortably is another. It should be interesting, walking to get DD from school with this toe. I'm doing a test run around the block in about an hour to see how I do. My dad will be home so I can call him if I need to. He has a convertible mustang (don't even get me started on that LOL) and said he can pick up DD and bring her home with the heat on full blast and the top down. She would be thrilled rofl. I know these last few blogs have been depressing, but sometimes life is that way ladies and gents. I hope there is an upturn in the near future, I really do.

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JenTX said...

Owwwwww-eeeeee! I KNOW your pain. About 10 years ago, I slipped off our deck and broke the toe right next to the baby toe (ring finger toe?) Man, did that hurt. Thing turned a lovely shade of purple and swelled up enough to look like a Vienna Sausage (don't know if you have those in Canada. They are vile mushy pork product shaped into a weird sausage shape and packed in a small can THEN as if that's not gross enough, they add some juice that gels when chilled~~~NASTY)

My apologies to anyone who actually LIKES "VI-ennies" (said in the southern "hick" style like my neighbor)

Anyway, keep your foot elevated. Walking is not fun and it's just going to take some time. I taped my toe to the next one for stability and that helped some. It was still hard to put a sneaker on and actually walk.

I hope your DD at least apologized for leaving the case out. You need to slap some compassion into Jeff. He's certainly not a good teacher for DD. Maybe Santa can bring DD her own briefcase on wheels. Maybe you can find one at a garage sale. If we had an extra, I'd send it to you. Seems when DH gets a new laptop for work, they include a new case too. His current one is the only one that has had wheels so far. He loves it too. Not because of the wheels because he seldom carries it that way but because of how big it is. That thing is bigger than an overnight bag! LOL

(Is there a length limit on comments and have I exceeded it?) LOL

Hope you feel better soon.