Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ricken Fricken computers

I am about to have a freaking stroke. Or possibly an aneurysm. I am an IT professional. I have built and rebuilt computers. I have designed and implemented networks. I have disconnected and installed and expanded and upgraded and uninstalled and reformated and administered remotely and more. Why can I not get a file from one computer on to another sitting about four feet away?!?!?!? It is quite a simple task, so it seems. We have two digital cameras. One is older and I use it mainly for this blog, or to take picturs to play with. I have a card reader that plugs into a USB port that fits that card. Our other camera is better, and takes a different kind of card. Our new computer has a reader that takes that kind of card, but I haven't found an external reader that does the same yet. If I take a picture on our "good" camera, there is no way for me to get it HERE. This computer has no floppy drive and the CD drive does not work, but I can access my upload site from here with no problems and blogger works well. The other computer can read the card, but for some reason my upload site does not accept it (even though it is configured correctly with passwords and accounts and uses the same upload software), and it gives blogger the hiccups. I can burn my stuff to a CD, but my other computer can't read them anyway. While they are networked together, they are running different operating systems and one has a special firewall to use a VPN that I cannot get around with the other. On days like today when all I want to do is post some cute halloween pics, I end up getting all stressed out and upset and potty mouthed. Ruby has abandoned me for the couch, she hates bad language. FINALLY after emailing from one place to another, one program to another, a lot of swearing and feeling like I need a martini, we have PICTURES. This is my darling daughter. She is a fairy princess, but looks like she has been through the wringer. She would not let me do her hair. She did not want makeup on. I tried to get a full length picture but it would have been easier to get film of a yeti eating taco bell. This is our yard. The pictures I took after dark did not turn out. **Interjection ** Okay, my "let's piss off Dances" mojo seems to be in effect and I can't upload the pictures of Ruby. I have been trying all day to no avail, and frankly, I am tired of playing this game. It took no less than four hours to get the photos above posted where they are. I am ending this blog early before my language gets even worse. I'll post the pictures of Princess Ruby as soon as the blog gods deem it possible.

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