Monday, November 20, 2006

Rollin'-rollin'-rollin', get that knittin' rollin'!

I have made SOME progress on the Christmas knitting. And because that is a huge feat in itself, you get pictures today. Pictures of the same knitting you have been looking at for months, but hush. It's better than another picture of the purple toe (which is still strangley purple in one streak underneath). The poncho turned wrap? The middle is COMPLETED. Woo hoo! I just started the edging. I was going to knit it on, and started it last night. Completed an entire 18 row repeat before I realized I had the wrong edge attached to the wrap. I, ladies and gents, am an idiot. Just in case you didn't know. And what confirms it is that I ripped back, started again, and managed to DO IT AGAIN. That is right, I went ahead and knitted the wrong end onto the wrap for the second time. What the hell is my problem????? I finally decided that knitting something sideways into something already completed in a perpandicular fashion is just too much for my pea brain to handle, so I will do the edging separate and attach later. I wasn't sure how rows meet columns so to speak in knitting (can you tell I work with spreadsheets LOL?) and thought it would be a one-to-one relationship. So an 18 stitch repeat would take up 18 stitches of the wrap. However, it looks like it will be closer to two rows of repeat per stitch of the wrap. Since my stitches worked out anyway (bless the karma gods for this happy event), it's just a matter of adding twice as many repeats as I counted on for each side. No big deal, it knits up fast. So far. And it turns out it is a GOOD thing I didn't make the whole poncho after all, because I would have run out of yarn. Isn't it just delicious? I swear I could eat it. I love it so much. The intended recipient might have to tear it from my grasp, I may not want to let it go! The oatmeal scarf is almost done, just a few rows to go of pattern and then a few rows of garter to finish it off. I will add a simple crocheted edging just to the ends to finish it off, but no fringe or anything like that.

I have a whole ball of wool leftover, so he might be getting a hat as well. I figure a few inches of the same ribbing (k3, p3) , a band of the moss and welt pattern (checkerboard), and the rest of the crown in the moss stitch. Not sure how I will work the decreases without messing up the moss stitch, though. Might have to do a small test for that and to figure out the repeats of the pattern to get the right size. I have discovered that with knitting there is much more leeway in hat size, especially if you use ribbing on the band. With crochet, the fabric is less stretchy and it is easier to end up with a head-squeezing torture device or something you could swing a cat in. Not that I advocate swinging cats in anything, mind you. It should have been done by now, but I find the wool a bit hard on my hands, seeing as I am using smaller needles than recommended - to get that tight windproof fabric. Not as bad as say, working with cotton, but my hands get tired. For my father, I had decided on a cashmere scarf. Something so understated and simple in pattern and colour that it belied it's luxury. However, finding cashmere locally is proving to be difficult. Sure, I could buy it online but I wanted to molest it first. Finally I broke down and decided the sheen of Patons Soy-Wool-Stripes would do him justice. I plan on making a multidirectional diagonal scarf, a pattern I found on the internet (I will post a source if I actually use that pattern when I post the scarf pic). I bought the Natural Navy colourway, that has blacks and greys and blues. I wanted something a little more in the beige tones, but my DH reminded me that I was thinking "professional dad" - what he wears and what he looks like when he is working. He is completely retired now, and more likely to wear jeans and a casual sweater than a dress shirt and tan car-coat. Plus this colourway will look great with the leather and suede coats he wears. DH is good for something sometimes LOLOL. There is a colourway with greens and pinks and creams that I lust for, but haven't decided what to make with. Working this scarf will give me an idea of how it works up, maybe pointing me in a good direction in finding something to make for myself.

My mother's scarf still languishes. As does the lonely pattern for japanese style socks (the kind you can wear with flip flops). I have more than enough sock yarn, it's just a matter of getting my butt in gear. As for my own socks? Well. I am in no hurry. I don't even really wear socks LOLOL. The alien thing, an assortment of mittens and gloves (thank heavens for small hands!). Seeing as I already have more than I can do before Santa comes, I did the only logical thing and added a few more things to my list. I want to make a few felted coffee cozies for some Tim Horton's zealots we know. That along with a gift card for Timmy's would make a nice gift for DD's teacher as well. I wonder if I could knit a timbit cozy with scraps..........nah. That would be silly.

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