Thursday, November 02, 2006

A rose - or nugget - by any other name

First off I have an announcement. The "no name" nuggets mentioned in another blog actually have a name. "Veggie Patch" brand simlulated chicken nuggets. They smell like chicken nuggets, they taste like chicken nuggets, they look like chicken nuggets. Considering they aren't really chicken nuggets, all that is pretty good. The container had a yellow label and I had it confused with something else I bought in a similar container that was no-name and hasn't been tried yet. Just coming clean with the details, man. I made them again last night. DD ate four, which is a lot considering she ate more than a cup of rice-a-roni with it and was pretty stuffed full of candy before dinner even started. After halloween I don't limit her candy consumption. She isn't a huge candy eater, meaning she will open a package and taste it, but rarely finishes it. Two licks of a sucker, one or two jelly beans, a sour patch kid or two. The rest gets tossed. This year she has probably eaten more of her candy than ever before, but still hasn't eaten too much. She likes the cheesies and chips though, and will eat those until somebody stops her. Those are up on the fridge. The rest of her haul is in a bowl on the coffee table and she rummages at will. Last night she ate more than she normally would, and I told her I would not stop her but if she eats too much candy she will not feel well. She didn't quite get a stomach ache, but she asked me to move the candy bowl someplace else LOL. This morning she told DH that she didn't feel well because mommy let her eat too much candy, ROFL. I said she needs to learn to make her OWN choices sometimes. She suggested it might be best to forego the sweet snack in her lunch bag and have an apple with cheese cubes instead. Smart girl. My sister is going through a difficult time. Her dog was sick. She would crash and have seizures in the middle of the night and it was getting more and more frequent. Then she started having the seizures during the day. The dog was eating a LOT (french fries, ice cream, yogurt, corn syrup, sugar water - they needed to make sure she got enough fat and carbs during the day so she wouldn't deplete her stores at night but it wasn't working anyway) but still lost more than half of her body weight. The vet said the test to see if she had a tumour on her pancreas was very expensive, might not be accurate, and there is no treatment anyhow. His advice was to take her home and homefully she would pass away one night or while they were at work. It was very hard on my sister, never knowing if she was coming home to a dead poodle. The last straw was two nights of waking to find the entire king size bed completely covered in black diarrhea, and a dog having seizures almost hourly. They brought her in to have her put down. The vet saw my sister (completely hysterical and unable to stand on her own), my niece (also hysterical but able to stand) and my brother (sobbing like he was being killed) and back pedalled. He cried, and said "Let us try to tube feed her. Maybe there is something we can do". Why didn't he offer that EARLIER? Why all of a sudden is it okay to spend a paycheck on the dog when before he all but refused to even look at her? He is a good vet, don't get me wrong. But he is young, and inexperienced. When faced with a sobbing family he panicked and tried to offer false hope. By this time the dog had been seizing for more than an hour straight, and really, she couldn't even lift her head once it stopped. Her eyes were blank, her face was contorted. This dog was gone, anybody could see that. My sister said NO. Just put her down, we can't live like this anymore. And she has been torturing herself since then. Why didn't she pay the money for the tests. Maybe she should have let him tube feed her. Maybe...maybe...maybe. She isn't sleeping, and she is binge eating. Her husband is not speaking to her (she wants another dog, he said he would leave if she got one. Sound familiar?). To top it all of she had to leave for the week-end for a seminar, with a coworker that she doesn't really know and is stand-offish in the office. She cried through most of the workshops, and I can't imagine being in a strange city alone was very good for her. I KNOW for a fact she made the right decision. There was nothing anybody could do for that dog. A three pound dog that loses weight on almost 3000 calories a day???? Tube feeding wasn't going to do anything but prolong the agony and maybe give her MORE brain damage from seizures. I was in Chicago when they did it, and I feel guilty that I wasn't here for her. I hate when she sounds so DOWN, you know? Sigh. DD is having some troubles in school as well. A new girl in her class has been bothering her. According to the teacher, DD did everything she was supposed to do and did not provoke any of it, but this girl torments her and teases her mercilessly. Teases her about her name, the dogs name. Made fun of her halloween costume ("I was humiliated". What six year old uses that word?!?!). Pulled her hair and pinched her back hard enough to leave a bruise. To top it all off, I sent a blank invitation to DD's party because we knew a new girl was starting. So basically we have invited the child that is tormenting ours to the party. Her teacher was meeting with the other parents last night, and I hope beyond hope everything will be cleared up. I made sure the school understood that we will not tolerate even one more instance, or DD will be pulled out. This isn't the first "goings on" at this school we haven't liked, but it will be the last. I am still not able to upload the pictures of Ruby. I will keep trying, but now I can't upload ANY pictures and I am too tired to try again. I hate repetition.

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