Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sugar melts

This morning DD and I decided we could not POSSIBLY walk to school, because it is raining. And we all know that sugar melts. And us, being so sweet, are certainly made of sugar and would melt to nothing in an instant. *Just an aside. If I really believed I could melt off body parts in the rain, I would be walking in the downpour in a belly-shirt.* DH was planning on driving us anyway, but it never hurts to assert that you are a delicate flower as often as possible to whomever may be in ear shot. You might want to write that down. The toe no longer feels like it is trying to kill me, it has settled to a dull ache. Dull aches are more my style. It is less puffy today, but still a little purple with streaks of black. My sister came over last night to look at it, insisting it can't be THAT bad. She took a peek and drew back like a vampire about to kiss garlic. "Yikes! It looks worse today!". I know. Thank you. Now go away and leave me be with my toe, so I can sing smarmy songs about friendship and family unity and rainbows while drowning my sorrows in fruit salad. I took some arnica last night and rubbed it with arnica cream, so I think that helped make an improvement. I am a firm believer in arnica for breaking up bruises, and trust me, I know for bruises. You could spit at me and I would bruise. I have a spectacular one right now on my behind that is just starting to fade from purple to that odd yellow/green/black. I got it when the cat jumped onto me off the window sill while I was sleeping. Not the bowling-ball-butt cat either, the lighter one. She bruised my ribs a few weeks ago, jumping onto the bed onto me, then being startled because she didn't expect me to be there and rebounded off. It was actually paw shaped. Aren't you glad I am sparing you from pictures of my ribcage and butt, and only subjected you to a toe? I have a bone to pick with somebody. I don't mind that DH and DD are helping themselves to the leftover halloween candy. In fact, I am glad it won't be wasted, although don't think I didn't notice the chocolate bars all went first. My issue? Look carefully. Is there a reason why the empty wrappers and candy boxes are being put back into the container? Are they that lazy, they just toss the wrappers right back in? Wait a minute - what am I saying? I just remembered who I am talking about. Is it wrong that some of that candy is going into the treat bags for DD's birthday? Is that like regifting? Then again, it's not like any of those kids gave us that candy, so regifting isn't quite right. And don't think I didn't see you giving me those looks either....not like YOU don't have a cauldron at home. I have been hankering for some good old fashioned home made chicken soup. So I bought the fixings for the broth, which will be dumped into the slow cooker and let rip until we can't take the savoury smell any longer. My intentions are good, but most of the time the broth never makes it into soup proper. I end up drinking the broth as is, cup by cup, bowl by bowl until it is all gone. The chicken will be removed from the bones and used for other things like sandwiches and casseroles. Tonight I am testing a recipe, so DD will be thrilled to find steak on the menu. Steak is one of her favourite things, but only if it is pink in the middle - pinkified as she calls it. I got some of the biggest steaks I have ever seen, almost two inches thick. I was only going to get one and halve the recipe, but leftover steak has so many uses (including eating it cold, sliced, and dusted with salt and pepper). I will eat mine with roasted brussels sprouts, and DD will have corn and potatoes. There is a pan sauce for the steaks that calls for poblano peppers. The chances of finding a fresh poblano pepper in this city are about as great as the chances I will be crowned "Queen of the Universe" by Simon Cowel. Not bloody likey. I've only been able to find the canned variety once, and I bought every can they had to make chiles rellenos. There were only two peppers in each can, so they went fast! So tonight, a green pepper and a few rings of jalapono will have to do. I am not a fan of sauces on my steak anyway. Unless it is overdone, in which case I like pickled hot peppers or steak sauce. With any luck I can get the broth going and do all the dinner prep at the same time, so cooking tonight will be a breeze.


Anonymous said...

you put clementines in your chicken soup???

Anonymous said...

Its called RECYCLING the candy! Yes, we have a cauldron just like that with no chocolate bars left-blush.
Lisa FLA