Friday, December 29, 2006

Dinner is done. Almost.

Ah, the smell of food cooking in the crockpot. Heck, at this point, the smell of food cooking at all is a wonder to behold LOL. It's about 1pm at and dinner is pretty much taken care of. Stew bubbling away. A loaf of bread rising. Salad already chopped and dressing waiting separately in the fridge (thanks to DD, who loves to help in the kitchen). Did all that before 8:00am, actually. Which is a good thing, because my e-mail has been blinging non-stop since then. I decided I HAD to take a break for a pee and a coffee and a blog. In that order. I have been looking over my recipes for some good appetizer like thingies for New Year's Eve. We are going out to dinner (early enough to call it lunch, but I digress) but then coming home for a family fun evening. We will play some games (some old, some new just this Christmas). We will eat nibblies (whatever I come up with). We will write wishes on slips of paper and burn them, then scatter the ashes to the four winds. We will ring in the new year with pots and pans and horns and an electric keyboard (one does what one can). But before we can do all that, I have to buy the ingredients and make the stuff. Sheesh. Who would have known it would be hard? Plus SOMEBODY promised perogies for New Year's Day dinner. It was not me. And I have half a mind to say no and stomp my foot and refuse, and see what the offerer does to get out of it. But then again, perogies are a good excuse to try out my new pasta roller for the Kitchen Aid mixer. Such difficult choices, my friends. The last couple of days have been a doozie for interesting comments. Apparently I am rude, ugrateful, bitter, and angry and need a life. In much coarser terms, of course. I took the liberty in removing them. Which is not like me, because I believe in letting it all hang here, the good the bad and the ugly. Those who don't like me or what I say have just as much right to post their comments as anybody else. But when those comments come in force and under anonymous, well, if you aren't brave enough to at least invent a name for a blog comment, then I think I can do whatever I want with it. And really, "You are a big fat ungrateful bitch" seven times in a row? Well, that is hardly fodder for conversation, is it? After all, it is stating the obvious.


Anonymous said...

Do not let anyone's nasty comments get you down. You are one of the most entertaining people I have ever come across. I read your blog every day and I get bummed if you haven't posted one. Lots of people need a "dances fix". You should write a book! It would be a best seller! Right on the shelves next to Erma Bombeck (R.I.P.) You tell it like it is, and make people spit their drinks on monitors. Have a wonderful New Year!!!

JenTX said...

Well, sheeeee-it. I missed the comments. But I totally agree with you Dances, not only because this is YOUR blog but if someone wants to say something, whether positive or negative, at least have the cajones to put a name to it. I realize they can just make up a name (if they are intelligent enough) and by posting the same comment seven times, there is doubt on that one. You don't suppose your MIL found your blog do you? LOL I can just see her at the library making new (or Ole) friends. heehee

If I had a glass of cheer in hand, I would raise it to you with a toast for the New Year. But seeing as it's only 7 am here, I have my coffee cup and my mind isn't coming up with anything clever!

Thank you for your blog and just know that not everyone agrees with the deleted poster.

lorifromutah said...

I missed the comments too Dances.
I wish I had; I have no tolerance for anonymous bullies.
I love your blog and I feel betrayed..LOL...when you don't post every day.
The way you deal with life's 'challenges' inspires me. And your writing skills? You are very very good!


The Cookbook Junkie said...

Damn girl, it's your blog, go ahead and delete the nasty comments. But personally, I think that is just a sign that you've 'arrived'. The most popular blogs have as many detractors as admirers.

Anonymous said...

I come to your blog because it is well written, funny, and interesting. I can't imagine anyone would make the effort to come here, read your stories, and then post about how awful they think you are. I sure hope you don't take it personally. Maybe it's someone from your "family" getting back at you for Christmas?? Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I love you and I love your blog and I hate whomever is making mean comments to you. It's not right. Hope you have a great 2007!

NK at KT

gardengrl (from the CF) said...

Oh my, Dances! Someone actually had the gall to do that??? I can't believe it! You are one of the most honest, real, and funny people I "know"! I'm so sorry someone was that mean to you. Is there any chance that some of your extended family knows about this blog and wrote those nasty things?

I think your Christmas Crudite Tree was adorable! I'm going to try that next year. Did you pin the veggies to a piece of styrofoam covered in plastic wrap?

Also, I thought only my DH and I did "burnt offerings" on New Year's Eve! How neat is that?

And finally, your extended family sounds whacked. You held MUCH more restraint than I would have....93 years old or not! There's no excuse for rude and mean behavior from ANYONE!