Thursday, December 07, 2006

How did it go?

So. How did the work trip go? What does this tell you. I spent more hours sitting on airplanes on the ground than I care to count, braved a freak snow storm, got stuck in two traffic jams, spent about two days alternately feeling like crying or throwing up and not being sure which, had my laptop wiped and rebuilt (and it would have been nice to know first so I could save some stuff. Like my fricken wireless software and work email programs, that sort of thing), and ate about one more sandwich than my constitution allows for. Not a complete summary, but pretty close LOL. I was able to learn what was taught to me, but it turns out I wasn't the only one that doubted my intelligence. The person training me kept telling me everything was too complicated to show me. I finally told him "Too complicated? That's okay. I am a complicated person. And kinda smart. Why not let's go over it once and see how it goes". Sheesh! And some of that stuff was quite simple, so I was getting more and more offended by the minute. And frustrated (there is not enough time nor blog space on the internet to discuss that whole debaucle, let's just say it will be a while before I am even ready to talk about it with my DH let alone put together a few paragraphs). I didn't get much knitting done, certainly nothing to show. And I haven't had a chance to install the picture software yet. It took me hours this morning just connecting to the internet. Once again, a little notice would have been nice. You don't erase the entire contents of a person's hard drive while they are in the bathroom. It's just not nice. More tomorrow, I am off to take a scalding hot shower and then go to bed.

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