Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It is so ME.

I have always wanted an earflap hat. No, seriously. My tastes varied from the highest of heights (a pointed latvian ear flap hat with braids to weight down the flaps and a great big old tassel on the top) to the lowest of lows (an understated muted colour skull cap with a longer cuff that could be folded over the ears). I never did find one I liked, so started plans to knit one for myself. We all know how that goes. First ya gotta find the yarn. Then ya gotta buy the yarn. Then ya gotta find a pattern that will use the weight and yardage you have. Then ya gotta go out and find NEW yarn because the yarn you have is not right and you can't get more of it because it is made by pregnant women and small children in Nepal in small batches and what you have is all there is. Then you gotta find a new pattern because you found some stuff you HAD to have and it won't work right for the pattern, and so on and so forth. Don't say it hasn't happened to you. I don't care WHAT you do...cook, quilt, craft, work with paper or fiber, we have all done these things. To not only find yarn I liked and a pattern I wanted to try, and manage to complete it before Christmas is nothing short of a miracle. A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. There, I said it. No pointiness, because I wanted it to fit under the hood of my coat if necessary. Alas, no tassel for the same reason. Not into the long braids at the ends of the earflaps because...well....they bother me. Plus I don't want anybody mistaking me for a viking opera diva and expecting me to sing. *Yes, that was a weight joke, for those of you who are slow.* The colours are bright (did we expect anything different?) but oddly enough do NOT clash with my "clown coat of many colours". It fits close to my head but does not squeeze, pull, or give me a headache and best of all, it is stretchy enough to wear over a ponytail without pressing it into my head and giving me a bruise. I give you...THE HAT. Now, this is the pattern I sort of kind of followed, but it is still the pattern because right in there it says to do what you want. This is my kind of pattern, my friends. The only thing I was unclear about was how they said to start the next earflap, but did not mention breaking the yarn. If I wanted two flaps separated, I would have to break the yarn. And in fact, I did. I used four DPN's, but next hat I make I will delve into the "two circulars" or one long circular world and see how it goes. When I finished making the hat I tried it on. Then I answered the phone and talked for a good five minutes. Then I woke the sleeping dog on my lap so I could put her down to go take the picture. She gave me a sleepy look, then JUMPED when she saw the hat. She is so funny. Very suspicious of anything new. She barked at me for a few minutes, and keeps looking at me with suspicion even thought I took the hat off a long time ago. What a nutball.

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JenTX said...

Hi Dances! So happy to "see" you! Love your hat and think, while it is lovely, a tassel and braids would just be the icing on the cake! LOL

You are a knitting crazed woman! I'm not coordinated enough to be allowed to even have knitting needles in my possesion. That and no patience, so we are knitless around here. BUT, in my part of the country, we very seldom need to even wear a coat much less other cold weather accessories.

Ruby is only saying she would like a matching hat so you can be twinsies! Geez, you'd think you'd understand "pug" by now! LOLOL