Monday, December 18, 2006

My family tree is like a fruitcake.

Full of fruits and nuts ROFLMAO. Unlike these little fruitcakes, because although they are full of big hunks of toasted pecans, the nasty fruit bits have been replaced with GUM DROPS! I cannot tell you how good these taste. Real fruitcake never tastes like I imagine it would, with it's colourful green and red cherries, yellow glaceed pinapple, citron bits. Even when made with dried fruit (as opposed to the pretty but disgusting tasting candied 'peel') it just never measures up. Well, gum drop fruitcake is as pretty as can be and tastes like it looks! I was supposed to add a jube-jube leaf to top each one as well, but SOMEBODY (actually two somebodies) mistook them for snack food and ate them all. I should have known better than to put them in a bowl, I should have left them in the bag they came in, shoved in the back of the pantry cabinet. It would have been much safer. The recipe is listed under the recipe links somewhere here. It is a light fruitcake batter (no molasses) but has warm spices in it, and toasting the nuts really does make a difference. So far we have made chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and oatmeal cookies. The shortbread cookies are mixed but not baked yet. We still have ginger crinkles to go, and a fridge full of slice and bake refrigerator cookies (no, not store bought silly!). The fudge is done - this was some extra, the rest was poured into small pans and covered once they were cool. I have three batches of truffles, peppermints, and peanut brittle to go. Plus nothing is wrapped yet. In the balance of good and evil, however, all the christmas knitting is done. Even the hat! Never mind that I abandoned the pattern after like an inch of ribbing, and then flew by the seat of my pants from there LOL. The pattern itself is wonderful, but the yarn and needles I chose were not. My hands were killing me even though I was knitting flat, and it was taking too long - I shortened the hat by a full 5 centemeters as well (patience patience. Okay I have none). I will knit the pattern again some time, but with better fiber and slidier needles. My brother will still love this hat for sure. My mother's scarf is done. Was it worth all the swearing, the snagging, the blood and the sweat and the tears, the soul sucking-ness 0f the process? Absolutely. It is stunning. I all but ran out on the street to make strangers look at it. I forced the cat to look at it, although she didn't look impressed. What does she know, she sleeps on plastic bags and eats pony tail holders. I showed it to Ruby, and she was duly impressed. It is worth it to have a dog that hangs on your every word and looks into your eyes with love every time you speak. Well, except for when she is ignoring me. Or those times when I call her name and she looks around like she thinks God is talking to her. Other than that. I finished a gift for myself as well. It is the beaded, crocheted rope necklace. I started eons ago and never finished it because working with he beads is fiddly and tangly and I have little patience for fiddly and tangly. Done. I am blind, my hands are no longer working, and my face tics when you mention seed beads, but it is DONE. Not bad for a first try, if I don't say so myself. I think it needs a pendant, and have no ideas at the moment. I might take a look in the craft cupboard and see if I have a wooden bead I can crochet around or something. But frankly, while the process of bead crochet is fine there are two parts that almost kill me. First of all, stringing the beads. That takes forever. And second of all, having to push the beads down as you work. My string tangles, the beads stick, it is horrible horrible horrible. Several times DH asked why I was doing it since I obviously hated it. Don't worry, I gave him a good long glare. Men just don't GET it. Sheesh. Since the Christmas debaucle is winding up and work is absolutely, mind-numbingly busy I will be blogging when I can and as much as I can for the next few days. Please forgive if there are a few holes, but I am hanging by a thread as far as sleep and mood and such go, and if something has to give, it may just be this. Not because it is the least important, no far from that. But I've already given up sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom. There isn't much else left to stop doing!


The Cookbook Junkie said...

I thought you didn't like sweets yet you liked gumdrop filled cake???????

DancesInGarden said...

Ah, but the secret is the batter isn't overly sweet, and I just eat the edges ROFL. I think it's the artificial cherry flavour that permeates the loaf.

lorifromutah said...

The gumdrop cake is a hit!
The batter is oh so delectable!
Only next year I gotta add more nuts and cut the gumdrops up smaller.
Maybe in your December 2007 Blog you can explain how you get your fruit tiny? LOL

Thanks for sharing!