Thursday, January 11, 2007

Any day with Cracker Style Gator Wrestling

Has to be a good day! We went to Gatorland today, and saw us a lot of gators. We saw them jump to get chicken parts. We watched them swim a bit. But mostly we saw them sitting around and doing a whole lotta nothing LOLOL. I think the weather is just a bit too cold if you are an alligator, although it is plenty warm enough if you are a Canadian. Before one of the shows, the two entertainers were trying to guess where each group of guests was from. They saw a group of teenagers, and said "Well, I would guess they are from someplace cold, because they are wearing shorts" and everybody laughed, because it is true. Native Floridians and those from other southern states were bundled today, and we had shorts and short sleeves on. Heck 75 and full sun? That's about as close to summer weather as we get! We got a nice family photo that involved the three of us, a gator, and a snake but you will have to wait for that because I'll have to scan it. It is true, Gatorland is not a full day and certainly not Disney. But we enjoyed ourselves. A nice slow pace, looking at alligators of different sizes, three different shows, getting landed on by exotic birds, and we even saw a bunny. Hey, we amuse easily.

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