Thursday, January 18, 2007

House of plague

DD is sick. Really sick. Yesterday she had a low grade fever and was grumpy. This morning, I woke to DH, holding her in his arms like a rag doll, yelling in a panicky voice "SHE IS REALLY HOT". According to our brand spanking new digital thermometer, she had a fever of 104.6 and yep, that is pretty warm! I got him to calm down, and put her DOWN before he drops her. It's so funny, half the time I can't tell if he has any connection to us at all, then suddenly he does something like this. I think if I would have suggested to bring her to the hospital, he very well may have tried to carry her like that the whole way. As I was running cool water over a cloth and gathering motrin and spoon and some water I gently explained that while sleeping it is not unusual for a fever to raise somewhat. After all, a fever makes us shiver and we instinctively bundle up. She was snug as a bug in a rug under there, so a degree or two is from that. I also assured him that 104 is a normal number in my family. We go from one or two degrees below normal to 104 in a heartbeat. Tiny bit sick = really high fever. I don't think it was making him any calmer, he was dancing back and forth on his feet like a nervous horse, making wringing motions with his hands. I've never seen him so WORRIED. I changed her into new pj's, had her sip some water, drugged her up, and wiped her down with the cool cloth. Then I made him go away and finish getting ready for work, promising her fever would come down a bit before he even had a chance to leave. And it did, down to 100 degrees (which is where it has been hovering since). Poor baby. You know she is sick, even without the temp readings, because she is sitting still. If she stops asking for stuff or doesn't complain at all THEN I will get worried. DH has called about every 30 minutes, and being as busy I am with work, then the exra demands of having DD at home I really don't have time for it. But I won't complain to him because he really is worried, and golly, he SHOULD show some concern for his child, I think. This is healthy for him. BUT. His big crime, for which he is in SO MUCH TROUBLE when he comes home? HE TOLD HIS MOTHER. That ass called his mother and told her DD was sick. What is he, an idiot? So on top of his calls, I have HER calls. And with big projects going on I can't screen calls. When the phone rings, it's like a lottery of terror, not knowing if it will be him demanding a new temp reading and health report or her accusing me of some other act of negligence or cause of this horrible sickness. First it started with the swimming. Yep, we allowed our daughter to swim in Florida and that has made her deathly ill. As we all know, immersing ones body in water is deadly and should be avoided at all costs. Then it was because I let her eat a donut in the airport. MIL can shovel a tonne of garbage into DD's mouth in place of food, but my single donut upset the child's delicate balance and allowed her system to be invaded by some terrible american plague. The most recent was an accusation that the snowy trek we took when my car froze will certainly be her end. How did she even find out about that? DH is in even MORE trouble when he gets home, mister! DH is no better, when it comes to nervousness about illness. Wringing his hands and saying over and over "How could this have happened? She was fine the other day. How can she be so sick? Do you think she has a sinus infection?" Now, to his family, there is a fate worse than death and it is known as the SINUS INFECTION. None of them have ever had one, but it would be the death of whoever gets one for sure. They live in fear of this SINUS INFECTION and wonder if it can be gotten from public toilets, or perhaps leaving the house with wet hair. Don't even mention swimming or taking a bath. MIL has a relative that died from SINUS INFECTION. Never mind the person was in his eighties, diabetic, suffered from emphysema and had pervasive cancer. What makes her think he even had the dreaded infection? "He had a cough. And he sniffed twice while we were there. Sinus. See?". Makes me want to short circuit. I have had sinus infections. And they are horrible. But not typically deadly. And every time DD so much as coughs or sniffs they just about run around in circles screaming SINUS! SINUS INFECTION! The child is going to die! I am going to say something. Loud. Clear. SHE DOES NOT HAVE A SINUS INFECTION. There. Now can they all stop running around like chicken little for gosh sakes?!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, poor DD. Hope she is feeling much better. And poor Dances - have you considered a phone with caller ID? LOL.