Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The longest tattoo I ever got

Last night was a rough one. I know I slept, but it was not restful because of the dream I had. I woke up a few times to "get comfortable" (more on that later) and the dream continued right on after I went to sleep. It was like a single-dream marathon. A while back I saw a show called "Miami Ink" for the first time. It is a show about people travelling to get tattoos at a certain parlour with certain artists. I found it fascinating for no good reason ROFL. I don't MIND tattoos, and I have seen some nice ones. But I don't have any (low tolerance to pain. And I can't keep focus long enough to choose a flavour of ice cream, how the hell can I choose a PERMANENT body ornament I will like five minutes from now, let alone years down the line?). And I am not part of what one would call the tattoo culture. But I still found the show interesting. Over Christmas my dsis mentioned it and I was surprised she knew what it was, turns out she watches it all the time. Go figure. Anyway, it must have nestled into a comfy corner in my mind, because last night I got the LONGEST tattoo of my life. Yep, I dreamt I went all the way to MIAMI to get a tattoo. I handed them a design and they all oohed and aahed like it was the prettiest thing they had ever seen. "So colourful, and it suits you pefectly!". And where was I getting this marvelous piece of art? On my STOMACH. Who the heck would I let touch my stomach roll long enough to tattoo it? Blech. Traumatizing, it would be, for the poor sucker who had to do it methinks. The whole dream was spent "getting prepped" for the artwork. And I would ask "is it going to hurt" and we would have some conversation, and the artist would wander away and another one would come over and it would start again. Not only did I never get that darn thing, I never got to see the design either. And it is really bugging me LOLOL. As for getting comfortable at night, still having difficulty there. Re-fluffing the feather bed each night is helping a little, but my hips and legs are still giving me some trouble. Once or twice a month I splurge and take some motrin before going to bed and get a blessed good night of sleep, but I really can't do it more than that or else I am punished in OTHER ways. I'm keeping my eye out for a sale on a memory foam section to try that instead. A family friend with arthritis and other problems swears by her memory foam insert covered in a faux-lamb-skin cover under her regular sheet. At this point, I would try about anything.

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