Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Now, THIS is paradise

My daughter keeps exclaiming to the world, that we are in paradise for sure. Whether she be floating in the pool, eating cheesies in a wet bathing suit while drawing with sidewalk chalk, or eating an ice cream cone she twisted herself. This kid sure knows how to vacation! She is doing worksheets right now. We tried to get school work from the teacher, who informed us she would be missing just too much for her to even fathom, and she would just have to try and catch up when she got home. Jeesh, she is in GRADE TWO, not second year nuclear physics! So I made the teacher tell me what they will be working on conceptually and made/printed some sheets for myself. Colouring sheets of Florida native species (Manatee and Alligator, Florida Tree Snail, official bird and flower and flag, that sort of thing). A few pages from the orange growers association. They seem to be pushing tangerines this year, BTW. Pages of addition and subtraction a mite harder than what they are doing right now. Money (adding coins, making a certain amount with coins, that sort of thing). We came up with spelling words with our vacation theme and I made a crossword and word search. She is good with spelling and was correct with almost all on her first try. Every day the poor child has work to do before we can swim, or after we come back from doing something before she can watch tv. Such mean parents we are! Once she is done her sheets for today (she is on the last one, word problems. Diabolical!) we are going swimming. It is not even 70 degrees out there, but bright and sunny and the pool water is warm. It is the cold wet sprint from the pool back to our place that is the worst part. If you flail and shriek a lot it seems to help, just in case you were wondering. You would think it was a polar dip ROFL. Tonight we are going to dinner at SONNY's. Sonny's is a place where you can get real bbq. Well, as real as I am ever going to get, anyhow. The cole slaw is good, and most meals come with a big hunk of texas toast garlic bread. I like the thinly shaved smoked meats drizzled with their mild sauce, the one that is tangy and a bit thin. In our part of the world, "barbeque" sauce is basically ketchup with a few things added. Always thick, always somewhat sweet. Dh prefers that, but I like the thinner tangier version that tastes less like ketchup and more like what I glean is a "mop sauce". Either way, more food that doesn't bode well for my waistline. Maybe if I eat extra meat and give the garlic bread away, I can call the cole slaw a vegetable and dub the meal "low carb". Think it will work?

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