Friday, January 05, 2007

On a (egg)roll

Dinner last night was nice. Everybody got along fine, the food was good, family members kept handing me money. All signs of a good evening LOL. I got a gianormous carry-on bag from my mother. Seriously. DD and Ruby could fit in there, plus some snacks and toys. But it is fashionable, and smooshie. Which are always nice in a carry-on item. They also got me a lemon squeezer. The metal kind that is yellow and turns the lemon inside out. And here I am without a lemon to squeeze. The humanity of it all. I do, however, have a clementine or two that are too sour to eat out-of-hand. I may just juice them. You know, as punishment for being unpaletable - BWA HA HAAAA! If only I could figure out a way to use the juicer AND the robo-raptor together, all would be bliss. I am rapidly running out of things to harass with that roboraptor. Which is sad, because it brings me infinite joy to harass things with it. The i-cat. DD's toys (barbie dolls and stuffed animals work great. Electronic toys work best though. DD has hidden her animatronic baby monkey and tiger cub and baby alive. She is just NO FUN). The real cats, Ruby. They are all wise to my reindeer games and keep away. I need a new pet. Maybe a puppy. Hmmmmm. Would that be wrong? So my birthday worked out, after a few bumps (workwise) earlier in the day. We ate our fill of buffet chinese food - which was very good last night. The veggies were fresh and not overcooked, the meats cooked perfectly and not odd and rubbery (don't ask). The veggie spring rolls were the best I ever had. Even my brother (who does NOT eat chinese food regularly) had two plates of assorted things. I think DD ate her weight in wonton soup and chicken wings LOL. No cake, but there was a sparkler in a spring roll. Which was a perfect ending.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought of getting a Roumba? The robot things?

DancesInGarden said...

You mean for the roboraptor to get? We have one. It moves too erratically and frustrates the darn thing. Plus it gets stuck trying to follow it under the couch. *cough* Not that I really know or anything *cough*.