Monday, January 15, 2007

Ruby missed us. I think.

Well, it took my dog a full two hours to recognize me. My parents picked us up from the airport, and my sister had the dog home already and the house open. It is nice to come home to the lights on and activity, rather than a dead house. I think anyway. DH was a bit perturbed that they let themselves in. I guess it's okay for his parents to come in and redecorate, but my sister can't bring the dog home. Whatever LOL. Ruby was happy enough to see everybody. But it wasn't until all the visitors left that she suddenly looked at me, did a little whine, then climbed all over me. She licked my face like she hadn't seen me in a year. I said "What, did you just realize who I was???" Tee hee. So we are home. Freezing rain, grey skies, yep. Home ;). DD is back to school. Dh and I are back to work. Ruby is back to sleep under the desk. The cats are back into getting into everything and dropping things on my head through the spindles (today so far, a hair band, a bit of cat food, a polly pocket shoe, and a piece of paper that looks like it came off a toothpick). Frankie the bird is back to snubbing the apple slices we give him (okay okay! I'll get the good ones next time) and the fish look happy to see me. Even the snail came out. Dh says it is wrong that even the fish recognize me. He says nothing loves HIM and they all love ME. I kept my mouth shut LOL. Something is going on across the street (the house neighbour abandoned). The mother must have taken over the payments because she fixed the place up (re-did flooring, changed the cupboards, I don't know what else) and there is a for sale sign up. Plus they had an open house yesterday. Nobody went by (freezing rain is not conducive to browsing homes methinks). We wanted to see what changes were made, but I feel funny going to open houses when we aren't REALLY looking, 'ya know? So, back to the same old same old. I might have some vacation pictures to post tomorrow. Right now I need a hot cup of tea to defrost my soul.

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gardengrl (from the CF) said...


Welcome home! I live in Orlando and thought about e-mailing you for a meet-up, but thought this was your vacation and it might be rude.

I'm glad you had a nice time here in Micky Land! Next time you come here, e-mail me (through the CF) and maybe I could point you out to some local dives for food!