Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snow snow snow snow snow snow!

We got more snow. Lots of snow. Fluffy white snow. I like the snow. Sure, the roads get slippery and the windshield is covered again seconds after scraping. But it shore is purty! Everything looks so nice and clean, covered in a blanket of whiteness. The lawn, the driveway, the car, MY FLOOR. I hate hate hate stepping into melty snow and water on the floor. I usually have bare feet, and that is bad. But to step in that with socks is even WORSE because now you have wet socks. Wet socks are almost as bad as wet jean cuffs. Wet jean cuffs cause wet bottoms, because I always sort of sit on my feet. Yes, even in a chair. And no. I was NOT born in a barn. I was raised by wolves. There IS a difference, you know. You can bet tonight DD will beg to go sledding. I guess I should wash and dry all the gloves. See, they got wet while she was playing in the snow. And the gloves got put into a plastic bag and placed behind the chair. Then, a day or so later, every time the heat came on I noticed an odd smell. Kind of a mildewy sour, wet sheepy smell. Yep, the gloves. The gloves that had been marinating in their own juices in a closed bag on top of the heating vent. Phew! I tossed them into a bucket of warm, soapy, bleach water (just a few drops of bleach, don't want to dissolve the things). Two water changes later, they no longer look like they are decomposing and the smell is gone. The wool mittens will be set aside and they MIGHT be dry by next week. The others can go through the washer and dryer. I would let her borrow the mittens that don't fit, except right now it is the MITTEN that doesn't fit - I haven't made the mate yet. But I will for sure. I love those mittens and I know somebody will be able to wear them and love them like I do. Somebody with small hands an odd sense of humour - tee hee! I wonder if they sell snow pants in my size. Pretty ones. Not those navy blue or black ones you can get at Canadian Tire or surplus stores. Powder purple ones. Yeah, purple ones would go great with my 'Clown coat of many colours', brown boots, and multicolour earflap hat. Don't look at me like that. I know fashion. 'Dayglow rainbow on acid' is the new black.

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