Thursday, January 25, 2007

Testing testing 1 2 3!

Sheesh. I finally decide to move over to the new blogger, and it takes me all day to log in. I was beginning to get pretty worried. The most important news item today, is that in a fit of pique (after making like six mistakes) I am abandoning the mitten. I will use the pattern, but that yarn sucked rocks. One colour was a wool blend, the other was a rainbow acrylic and the two mixed together was starting to feel pretty barfy. Plus they were slightly different weights and it wasn't very complimentary. The pattern was fine and I am excited to start again. DD liked the bit that was done (two inches of a ribbed cuff) and wants it as a wristband lol. To each their own. Next on the list, is my opinion on dark chocolate M&M's. Now, for all intents and purposes I really should like these. I like M&M's in general. The chocolate inside is richer than most milk chocolate products and I think that is why I like them. Not LOVE them, like them. Since hearing about the dark chocolate ones, I have kept my eyes open but was unable to find them here. My parents gave them to me for christmas. And I am not even halfway done the bag. The candy is fine, the chocolate is fine. But I don't know. They are too rich to toss in by the handful. And the chocolate is rich enough that after one or two eaten slowly that is enough. But, in general, I am kind of indifferent about them. Like they should be called Dark Chocolate "Meh's". DH keeps offering to take them off my hands, but I don't mind having them around for those times when you just HAVE to have something chocolate and don't want to raid the baking supplies for chocolate chips. That has to be it for today (earth shattering, eh? An unsolicited junk food review and mitten news) because we errands to run tonight and I have some things left to do for work.

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