Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You know that old joke?

There is a joke that I heard once. It is a derogatory one, dealing with a minority or ethnic group. Which group? Doesn't matter really. But it goes like this. Why don't factories like to employ (insert minority group here)? Because they have to retrain them after every break. Now, it's a bad joke no matter what you insert in there. And it has nothing to do with any minority or nationality. But I have always found, that after a major holiday (especially this time of year when we have two in rapid succession and many people take vacation time in between), I can make my OWN observation. "The problem with office workers, is that they need to be retrained after every day off". For gracious sakes! Could another thing go wrong today? Even the simplest of tasks needs "fixing". By the time I read, comprehend, and start to answer one request, another one comes flinging into my e-mail. The phone has been ringing off the hook (and dd is pouting because it is "never for her". And DH is pouting because he wants to use the phone and I won't let him. And I am pouting because I am tired of answering the phone ROFL). Yesterday was busy, but NORMAL busy. My normal every day deadline, maintenance, check this and start that busy. Today? Today is FREAKING CRAZY. This morning, DD got up, wandered down here rubbing her eyes, yawning, and requested pancakes. Well, crepes specifically. There is no way in heck I had time to make crepes, especially since DH and DD can eat their weight in them faster than I can flip them off the pan. I suggested cereal. She then requested a more reasonable breakfast of poached eggs. On toast with no crust. And bacon. And some potatoes would be nice, if we have them. Where did this kid come from? I sent her back upstairs to hassle her father for the queen's breakfast she wanted. She got cereal ROFLMAO. Poor kid. It's not even sugar cereal. We deprive her, it's like it's our duty or something. Ruby is in her glory. The people across the street have a junk hauler there, with work men going in and out. If there is anything Ruby loves, it is barking her fool head off at trucks and work men. She keeps asking to go outside so she can throw herself into that habit with true abandon. We are talking taking a little hop with every bark, strip down her back raised (do pugs have hackles?), spitting when she barks. Once the truck leaves I am sure she will sleep all afternoon, worn out from her fun. DD has a friend over right now. Dh stepped out to get some things, and boy is he going to be ticked off when he comes back. But come on, the kid has been cooped up here for days and days. She has nowhere else to go, and she wants to PLAY with somebody. So I am sure later on this evening we will have a nice argument about the mess and that kind of stuff. Perhaps I should pencil it in, with work being this busy I anticipate having to work late. Boy, I hope we have enough cereal for dinner. *SNORK!*

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