Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't look at me like that

When people found out I made Ruby homemade dog food, I got funny looks. I know I know, in the day and age of five thousand brands and flavours of commercial dog food, not to mention prescription dog food, why on earth would I make my own? Well, I had my reasons. Unfortunately I no longer have the time to make it, and after this length of time I decided she wasn't getting enough benefit to merit the labour. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a HUGE deal to make it and the cost was about even. But time is a luxury I have little of these days, and something had to give. We have switched her back to dry dog food, albeit something that has been tailored to breeds like pugs and addresses key isssues with their diet. She likes it. We did a gradual switch, and though I am sure she would be thrilled to go back to the home cooked stuff, she dances for the dry now. And she has been drinking water again, something she STOPPED doing with the home cooked food - I think because it had such a high moisture content. Now, those same people that treated me like I was insane for cooking her food, now are tsking at me and shaking their heads, and giving me the "for shame" looks because I have switched her back to dry commercial stuff. Look, make up your freaking minds. Am I crazy to cook it myself or an animal abuser for giving her the dry stuff? You can't have it both ways. We still have snow on the ground, but it has warmed up so things are melting. It isn't too cold for Ruby to spend time outside, and she loves to sit on the step or root around in the mud or snurffle the snow banks at her leisure. As long as the sun is shining and it isn't windy, it is fine for her. Today I was getting the mail and overheard some pedestrians bemoaning poor Ruby and her plight. "Look at the poor thing, left outside all alone like that. She looks so sad". And she did look sad, if you don't know her. She was on the step, looking out at the world, with her rump on the edge of the door frame. WE know that if she is facing out, then she is just sitting and watching the world go by. If she is facing in, then she wants to come inside. If you try to let her in before she turns around, she purposefully ignores you. I felt like screaming "She is not a poor dog! She sleeps on my head! She gets premium treats, just for doing her business. Nobody gives ME a cookie just because I went pee. She has more toys than the north pole, it isn't our fault she only wants her smelly old squirrel toy, even though I am not a princess and flattened it under the feather bed. She is not sad, pugs just look like that". But I didn't. You see, these two women weren't speaking english and they don't know I speak french, and I don't want to blow my cover. I get my best information when they gossip on the way by the house. Look, I have to have some fun. *I want to interject here, that Ruby the wonder dog just spent ten minutes digging at stuff on the bottom shelf of my desk to get at what she thought was a crumb of food. It was a paper dot. She was not impressed and spit it out. Then circled around the other way, saw it again, and started the process over thinking it was a crumb. I wonder how it will taste this time.*


JenTX said...

Those people probably just look odd all the time! LOL

I have to laugh at the "pugs look sad all the time" cause my neighbors daughter got a pug about 4 months ago and we laugh that we need to start her on Xanax because she always looks worried! She is the cutest thing. She's blonde with a black face and such a handful. Right now we've been working on getting her to realize that toes are NOT playthings to be attacked! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ruby the Wonder Dog!

My Ruby is getting old and senile; so old she shares here heating pad with cats. She would die if she knew what she was doing.

Lori who is anonymous today 'cause she can't remember her user name let alone the password...