Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Food fake out

Dh has been grumpy lately. Mostly because I have been extremely busy at work (even now, since clicking on the button to write this, I have heard three emails come careening in) and he has had to make dinner twice. Everything was ready to go, just the heat needed applying but he was planning on doing something other than applying heat during that time frame and it made him out-of-sorts. You see, every day he comes home and the house smells like food. GOOD food. But then there is nothing cooking for dinner. Where is that smell coming from, then? And if I was cooking BEFORE, why don't I have time to cook NOW? Each day so far I have made a big pot of something on the stove and something in the slow cooker. I have completely run out of soup from the freezer, and if there ever was soup weather this is it. Plus being so busy it is nice to just grab a container of soup and toss it in the micro rather than try to scrape up a lunch when I don't really have the time. I don't want to eat the SAME soup every day, so I like to make a few kinds and have a choice. So Monday I made veggie barley soup on the stove, pork cubes in the slow cooker (for shredded meat tacos/burritos on Thursday), then to top it off I roasted two chickens because I needed the skin/bones for stock and the meat for other stuff. The chickens were roasted right before bed. Dh was not amused, he said his stomach growled all night because the house smelled so good. Yesterday it was a beef roast in the slow cooker (we are having part tonight reheated in gravy and the rest is for sandwiches and maybe a touch for a different batch of soup) and a huge pot of chicken stock. Right before bed I tossed the ingredients for minestrone into the crockpot. See, I can sleep AND cook. I told you I could multi-task. Dh is put out that I can cook during the day (and while I sleep) but I am too busy to make dinner. Perhaps if I managed my time better (don't even get me started on that) I could make dinner and forget about all that other stuff. After all, that soup isn't for him, right? It's not that I wouldn't share, but rather the types and ingredients are not to his taste. Vegetable barley? His body would reject that like it was poison I am sure. I tried to explain that I did all the chopping on the weekend and that the most strenuous part has been dumping things into a pot or glugging marinade into a zip-top bag but he is still sulking. And it isn't letting up, either. That chicken stock? Pepper soup. My adaptation of a "white" chicken chili recipe. And while the roast has already been cooked and the gravy made, it still needs slicing and reaheating, also there are potatoes that need cooking and ricing and whipping. I can't guarantee I will have time to do that. Oh well. Next week should be easier, because all that needed cooking will be done and I should be able to drag something out of the fridge or freezer and pop it in the oven or micro and dinner is done. We shall see.


JenTX said...

Wellllll, I can see your poor Dh has several choices. He can either suck it up and expand his palate or he can eat Cheerios. LOL

I don't know how you deal with picky eaters. I'm sure I'd have let them starve long ago! LOL I was blessed to have DH and sons who will eat practically anything (they'll eat some things that I won't!).

I think your soups sound fact you're making me want to put on a pot of soup and we're not nearly as cold as you are (almost 70° here today but will be cooler tomorrow). I LOVE living in Texas.

Good luck with your grumpy hubby. They sure are good at laying on the guilt aren't they? *S* Can you give him a bag of chips and say "Bon Apetite" (sorry, may be misspelled)

lori said...

You hubby would starve at my house.
My only concern about meals is not to serve the same thing too often.
My husband doesn't gripe about having to cook for himself but he does get even by leaving a grand mess for me to clean.
I swear he CANNOT fry hamburger on low heat. There's grease all over the place after he's cooked something...

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Well at least your DH can cook. My husband can't even reheat leftovers in the microwave without asking 'how long should I put this in for?' (which always gets the same answer - 'until it's hot').

I just laugh when DH tries to make me feel guilty about not cooking or not doing anything. I do the bulk of everything around the house so it's truly laughable to listen to him complain. The complaining doesn't last long when he sees how little I care LOL. Tune it out, Dances. Tune it out.