Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good-bye, Judas Priest

No, not the heavy metal band. The fish. The Chinese Golden Algae Eater, to be exact. Normally in an unheated, small tank like ours they don't live all that long or get too large, as I understand. When we brought it back to the place we bought it, the salesperson actually looked startled. "Uh, I've never seen one get so big". And despite my warnings that this sucker can jump, he was even more startled when Judas Priest tried to take flight out of the container. I was assured they would resell him, and not flush him. Then again, he's too big to flush anyway. He's almost big enough to eat! Six inches long, not including the tail. So we say good-bye to another inhabitant of our little fishie tank. He just got too big and was very territorial. He was harassing Cedric The Murderous Goldfish. Cedric has a checkered past as a fish killer, it was quite disconcerting when he himself was being bullied. That has to be some tough fish, to make Cedric cringe and hide behind the filter tube like that. I'll say this for him, he was fun to watch. Especially when he started to get bigger because he spent less time hiding and more time doing silly things. Like digging under stuff so vigourously that it sounded like a jack hammer in there. Or making himself a little hidey-hold under Big Rock and sitting in it with his head poking out, not unlike a moray eel. Or re-arranging the decor in the tank. You heard me right! He would re-arrange the decorative stones by pushing them around. He liked them piled in one corner. I like them scattered across the bottom. So I would scatter them and he would spend the next two days gathering them into the corner again. Did I mention I have no life whatsoever and there were times that this little game was the highlight of my day? Yeah. LOL! He also enjoyed swimming around really fast then flinging himself out of the water in unbridled aglae eater glee. Thank goodness for the tank cover, or he might have ended up in my lap a few times. Which I am pretty sure would have resulted in a whole lot of shrieking and a possible brain meltdown on my part if it ever happened. When I was trying to catch him, it was quite a comical sight. At least according to the child nearly wetting her pants from laughing so hard anyway. I had DH on the phone (I don't know...for moral support?), so I was cradling the receiver on the one side, using one hand to hold up the aquarium cover and the other to try and net the fish that was swimming so fast he was practically reversing time (a la superman. Remember that scene?). I was getting soaked from the splashing, dh was giving me helpful tips like "Put your hand in there and corner him, then scoop him up". PUT MY HAND IN THERE? Even if I had a free arm, there is no way I was sticking it in THERE. There are crazy, murderous, furiously swimming fish in there. And a gigantic snail, for goodness sake! I saw that movie when I was a kid. When those weird creatures that looked like a cross between a star fish, snail, and octopus sucked the juices out of people. Sure, this is a snail and not an alien being - but what it saw the movie too and got funny ideas? No thank you. I thought DD would be a little upset about having to return one of the fish, but she could have cared less. She didn't like the algae eater after she found out it was chasing and bothering the goldfish (and in fact killed my beloved Dudley). Her suggestion was to throw it in the snow. I am not sure yet if I should be worried about that suggestion ROFL. DH wanted to fillet it (it is almost big enough) but I have a rule about eating pets. Or feeding one pet to another, which quashed his next suggestion - feed it to the cats. I live with some sick people, folks. In knitting news (and you all just hang on your seats for knitting news, don't you. Just admit it. *Snork!), my brother has called and begged me for a new hat. Remember the hat I made him for Christmas? The one that I totally changed the pattern and didn't write it down and who knows how the heck I made it? Yeah. It was his favourite hat, it seems and now he can't find it. His dog is notorious for stealing things and hiding them in the yard, but he checked and hasn't found it there. He was worried I would be mad, but I told him it was no big deal and I think I had some of that yarn left - but it may not be exactly the same as before. I think he just really liked the brown with the mis-matched green stripes. So I might cast that on this week-end. I started the cuff for the second too-small-sort-of-pirate-illusion mitten (yes, you DO see skulls on there LOL - it is the pirate mitten from Hello Yarn). I haven't touched my scarf in ages so I want to try and get that done. AND. I have promised a hat to another child. What is wrong with me that I get myself into these things? Why do I think that children, who regularly insist they want ponies for their birthday or to have a unicorn for the backyard, can make a sane request when it comes to wearables. She said she would like me to knit her a hat for her birthday (party this week-end). A green hat. With a design on it. And a pompom. So far so good right? Well, maybe she would like matching mittens. And her doll could use a hat and mittens too. And her mom and sister ROFL. "After all, one hat is not worth $25.00" she observed. That is the "accepted" amount that DD's group does for birthdays, more or less. I am thinking maybe the hat, mittens, and a Bratz doll. Her mom and sister will have to wait for their own birthday ;).

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