Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Man, that's annoying!

*start vent* Since changing laptops I can't seem to leave blog comments anymore on other blogs. And boy, is that annoying! Once I finally get past the word verification, then it denies my password. If I try to leave a comment as anonymous, it starts the word verification loop again. I give up. *end vent* So, my little chickadees. In case you were wondering, I have not offed myself in a desperate attempt to get out of work assignments. There would be no point. My minds eye conjurs a picture of co-workers peering down the hole at the casket and sobbing quietly, wishing they had asked me just one more time how to archive their email. Or that they had sent me a request the week before and I had gotten to it before leaving the mortal coil. Then somebody would notice the dessert table and say "oooh, timbits" and they would all forget I existed. Until something broke, then they would curse my name. Thanks to a slower laptop and a lot more waiting and not being able to multi-task as well as before, my mittens are done and have thumbs. No pictures, because I have taken my last picture with that damn camera. If you try to get close at all to anything the image ends up blurry. I have decided to get myself a NEW camera. One that has some sort of actual (not digital) zoom so I can take close ups of things like mittens and not get all flustrated when the picture does not turn out. We have another camera. Our "family" camera. But that is the one DH uses to take pictures at holidays and events. We cannot share a camera. Lord forbid I change a setting, his world would turn upside down. We found out long ago, when it comes to cameras and computers, we are better off having our own (or our own profiles). So. How is work going, you ask? Dinner was peanut butter eaten with a spoon, with an ice cream chaser. What does that tell you. DD was making me nuts so I made arrangements with one of her friends for dinner and some play time today so I could finish a few things. I know I have been working too much lately, but I don't know what to do about it. I can't just get another job right now. To do something in my field is just trading crap I know for crap I have to learn, with starting pay and no seniority to boot. To change careers? Well, right now there isn't a whole heck of a lot locally. We are the "automotive capital of Ontario". The "Big Three" and feeder plants for parts and services employee most of the workforce here. And right now, there are more plant closings and layoffs than open jobs. The first quarter of the year is always tight, nobody is hiring right now. I even heard the fast food places are laying off! So for now, I am stuck. My therapist said to do the best I can, get what I can done in a reasonable amount of hours that I am paid for, and let the rest go until the next day. Don't obsess, don't fret and worry. Easy for him to say, he is making 125 an hour and he knows I am coming back next week. Heck, he can go ahead and remortgage based on me alone. Yet I do agree, that I cannot go on like I am. On a very serious note, I am starting to get that feeling of wanting to go to sleep and not wake up so I don't have to deal with it anymore. It's a pretty scary feeling, and I am smart enough to know a huge warning sign when I see it. Starting next week, I am working EIGHT hours per day total and that is it. What gets done gets done, what does not just waits. And if that is a problem, I will direct them to my manager and see what happens. I can't keep going like this. In other news, it is harder than you think to create knitted/crocheted clothes for a baby alive doll, in case you were wondering. Her chest is only 10.5 inches around, but head is enormous. No pullover sweaters for this babe, it has to be cardigan all the way. Jumper dresses that have buttoned straps would be okay, but the straps have to be so narrow because of her big neck and her arms are huge compared to her chest circumferance. I can't find any patterns on the net that take into account the narrow chest and big head and long body and husky arms so I am trying to come up with something myself. Thank goodness it is for easter gifts (DD and my one niece both have the dolls), I am going to need that lead time to figure it all out! I started a swatch of seed stitch while waiting for DD to come out of school. My one idea was a baby doll type dress that had seed stitch around the chest to the waist, and a sort of ruffle-y skirt and diaper cover. Add some little socks with a ruffle around the ankle and Bob's your uncle. Only, ask Bob if he can go ahead and write a pattern for me, kay? Another idea is a simple onesie type thing that buttons over the shoulders. Picture the mother of all wedgies, with the undies making it up to and being pinned together at the shoulders with buttons. Basically a knitted tube with leg holes at the bottom and tabs with buttons at the top. I have a simple duckie and bunny outline that can be duplicate stitched or knitted right into the front. Some bunny slippers and maybe a hat with bunny ears, and there we have it. Nothing says Easter quite like a onesie with a duckie on it, and socks with bunny ears on them. No hooded sweaters or wraps, because her head is too freaking big. And if I have time, some washable bibs.


gardengrl (from the cf) said...


I'm sorry to hear things are so poopy for you right now, but I'm glad you have the guts to notice that you need to slow down and work is affecting you in an ugly way. Have you ever thought of moving? Seriously. Can you and your family move (U.S. or Canada) to a place that has a broader range of jobs and opportunities for both of you? Chicago? Seattle? (not sure where you are in Canada).

Anywhoo...I also wanted to ask, do you ever knit cute little outfits for Ruby? Would LOVE to see pics of that!

JenTX said...

LISTEN TO YOUR THERAPIST! He/She is speaking words of wisdom. Your boss/company will let you work yourself into an early grave and they won't care. Do the 8 hours and then be done. You can only give them so much before you are thoroughly used up!

I know. I also work from home and I've learned to screen my calls. My cell phone was ringing last night at 9:50 and it was someone wanting to know if the rental property my boss has is still available. (I didn't answer the phone but I listened to the voicemail). At 9:50 p.m.? That's a lotta nerve if you ask me.

I let myself be available during reasonable times of the day and if I have something else going on, then they can leave a message.

Take care of yourself. You're irreplaceable to us!

parhelia said...

I'm sorry about the job ookiness. But it's not fair your manager is keeping you under the budget radar. Turn the heat-seeking missles on him! Or, you know, just have fun thinking about it. But 8 hours is perfectly reasonable. Do it now before they give you one of those real drop-dead projects!

Oh, in regards to baby alive... have you ever seen the TV show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with Matthew Perry? You'll have much more fun knitting for baby alive if you watch a short little video about a similar doll that was involved in an "accident." It's hilarious. Go here: http://www.nbc.com/Studio_60_on_
(paste that all together) and watch the 2-minute recap of "4am miracle" (aired 2/19). But don't let DD see it! Actually, it might freak you out, too, but it is funny....

Anonymous said...

I hope that you keep a log of hours and projects worked. Put in your 8 hours, and when you're not under the budget radar -- maybe then you can be available for some overtime... are you sure you can't just become a consultant?

DancesInGarden said...

Gardengrl, moving is not an option at the moment unfortunately.

I haven't knitted Ruby anything, and any outfits are usually reserved for Halloween costumes LOL. But I am getting there! I want to make her a cabled sweater. Do you think cables will make her look "fat"?

jen - don't you love when people insist you must have all this free time because you work from home? They have no idea LOL.

parhelia - I can't make the link work for me (it says the movie is not available from my location) and it is driving me crazy not being able to see it! I'll keep trying though. If itis that disturbing I will surely find it funny ;)

Anonymous said...

"Do you think cables will make her look "fat"?


I used to work from home.
It was a pain.
NOBODY thinks you are doing anything, do they?

Lori who still can't remember her username

parhelia said...

Hey Dances,

Craziness! The video HAS disappeared! But I have a sleuth on its trail. If we can find it, I will let you know.