Monday, February 05, 2007

Now her, I can knit for

The birthday girl liked her hat. In fact, she put it on right away and gave me a big smile and pose, then looked disappointed when I said I didn't bring my camera ROFL. What a little ham. She liked the rest of the present too, which is always nice. Would you care to know how cold it is here today? Cold enough that after running my car for 15 minutes (with the heat on full and the defrost on) the windows were still frozen and the seat was like sitting on a klondike bar. I tossed a blanket over DD after she buckled in, but I don't know if it helped at all LOL. Also, our sliding door was frozen shut at the bottom. I think it happened because a heating vent is right in front of that door and DH hiked the heat this morning before he took his shower. It was COLD in the house when he got up, it's like the heat can't keep up with the wind out there. Anyway, I think the vent melted some of the snow that was in the track, which immediately refroze as ice - making the door stick. Poor Ruby, when she ran out to go poop this morning she looked so cold and pitiful, squatting in the snow. When she came in she ran around like crazy, I can only presume to warm up. We went to an impromtpu super bowl party at my parent's house last night. We only stayed until half time, but it was fun while it lasted. DD was a little disappointed when they changed the channel from the Puppy Bowl to the actual game. "FOOTBALL?!?!" - lol! I guess she didn't know what the super bowl actually was. And as far as the half time show? I have to say, I never really was impressed by Prince and I am still lukewarm over him. Dh has never liked him, and DD was not amused much by his performance either. Between that and not even knowing which teams were supposed to be playing, I suppose one could say we aren't typical superbowl people ;). When pressed to choose a team I chose the Colts to win, and I guess I make a good pick. Dh chose the bears, then later said he chose it because I had already taken the team he wanted. He is so full of crapolla. He picked them because the guys on his morning radio show said they were the favourites and the team to put money on, that's why. He knows nothing about sports at all. Either do I, but being a girl it's not as noticeable - tee hee! There is going to be a lot of cooking going on this week. I want to make a few batches of soup for the freezer. I've finished what was in there and I am really missing being able to just zap a container for a quick lunch. I also bought two little chickens to roast in my new open roaster pan. They will serve as dinner, some of the leftovers in a casserole and sandwiches, and the rest will be a base for some of that soup. I bought an eye of round roast, which will be marinated and served like typical roast one day, some for sandwiches, and the rest sliced paper thin and simmered in a broth for "italian beef" sandwiches next week-end after toboganning. For the soup so far, Mushroom Barley, Vegetable/Minestrone, and a green chicken chile type. I might throw together a brothy bean soup as well, and use smoked paprika and a bit of chipotle instead of ham or smoked turkey to keep it meatless. I would like to make a batch of chicken rice soup too but we will see how it goes. I might do cock-a-leekie soup instead. I never get tired of barley. Or even "italian wedding" style with little meatballs, small pasta, and beet greens instead of spinach. I need to make some healthy cookies and a batch of muffins as well for snacks this week. More for DH and DD than for me, along with fruit. And they better eat that fricken fruit too. Grapes are worth their weight in gold, and they always want them and never eat them. I am not allowed to eat grapes (and I'm not that fond of them anyhow, too cloyingly sweet) and it sure steams my butt to throw away $7.00 worth of mold every time. That money would buy some crusty artisinal bread and make another batch of soup, for goodness sake. I better go. My email has been pinging like popcorn since 6:30am, and I have been too afraid to look. Time to bite the bullet and see what broke now ;).

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