Monday, March 05, 2007

Ah, ah ah ah, Baby Alive, baby Alive

Do the disco with us! Don't forget that John Travolta lightning bolt move. Tee hee!

I was supposed to make baby alive outfits for Easter, but DD caught me out so I had to give it to her now. Because, you know, I am not, like, the Easter bunny or anything so if I made it how can she get it for easter? Sheesh, parents are so silly sometimes ;).

I did not use a pattern. Most of the dress is knitted. I did a seed stitch band to go around the chest, then did a row of twisted stitch ribbing (knit in back loop, purl, across). Then switched to garter and did some increase rows to make the skirt ruffle. I would do one row, knit in front and back loop of every 5th stitch, then knit the next row with no increases, then increase again, and so on. When it seemed as long as I wanted, I did a row of K1, YO across, then knitted this row to make eyelets. Knitted across one more time, then bound off. This was knitted flat because I didn't want to use DPN's due to the increases (I drop stitches if there are too many shoved onto the needles) and my 16 inch circular was simply too long for a 10.5 inch circumference. The sleeves were knitted separately and are a band of seed stitch a few rows deep, then a row of that ribbing, and garter with increases again for a ruffle. I did the eyelets (k1, yo across, ending with a K1), knit two rows, then bound off. After trying it on the doll, I realized the seed stitch band hit perfectly in the back, but technically was too low in the front. Babies should not flash their boobies, so I added a double crochet ruffle just to the front.

The booties are crochet, and again, no pattern. I chained 7, then sc in each chain, chained 2, then sc back down the other side of the chain again, followed by another chain 2 at the end and joined. Then sc around until it was long enough to cover the toes and instep. Double crocheted across the back, single crochet across the front to shape the heel. Then sc around again. The last row is DC, so that I could thread in a crocheted chain to lace the booties on. The diaper cover is crocheted as well, again with no pattern. I just used the tape measure (and held it against the doll periodically), making increases or decreases to get the shape I wanted. It was crocheted in the round to the gusset, and I used decreases to shape the gusset. Once it was long enough I joined to the other side of the panty using slip stitches. The last step was to add a ruffle along the leg openings - simply 3dc in each space around. Since this was the "edge", you have to get creative about what is a "space". The hat was a spare that I had lying around. I made it for one of DD's friends but it was too small, so I made a new one. It looks hilarious and yet adorable on baby alive, so hers it is.

I will use the same sort of method to make a dress for my niece's doll. The hardest part is making sure the band is not too wide. Even after swatching in seed stitch, I still had to rip and start over because it was too wide the first time. DD wasn't too pleased that I made the undie covers to fit over the diaper, so they didn't fit right without. She wants me to use sock yarn to make baby alive some "underoos" now. She also wants her own ear flap hat and it is time she had another sweater, don't I think? Cardigan this time please. I think I have created a knitted monster ;).

Notice the pictures? I got a new camera! A Kodak something or other, and it was on sale. It has a real zoom, which I love love love. DH was a bit depressed, that my "cheapie" camera is technically better than the house camera. He suggested I take that camera and we could use this new one for "family photos". I told him to shove off. I never get the new and better thing. He wanted nothing to do with a new camera, didn't want to look at them with me or read the details or help make the choice or pay for it. You don't want involvement, then fine. Hands off my camera, dude.

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