Monday, March 12, 2007

Did I just see that?

Well, DD made it into Gymnastics camp! It seems they had some cancellations so they had room after all. Today is her first day. She was excited, wearing a new outfit and all (no jeans, had to get her some workout pants). They made her take her shoes AND socks off, which did not go over well. She does not like to have bare feet as a rule. I told her if she really hated it, she could ask to put her socks back on later. Which will never happen because putting her own socks on is one of the things she absolutely refuses to do. There are three things she refused to do on her own: cover herself up, wipe her bottom, and put on her own socks.

On the weekends from time to time, we "allow" her to go to bed early, and watch a movie on her personal DVD player. Of course, it is a trick. She goes to bed early and rarely makes it more than 5-10 minutes before falling asleep. But she thinks she is getting a special treat LOL. See, it is a win-win situation ;). This is the only time where she will get up (say, to go to the bathroom) and cover herself back up. Every other time, she calls down so one of us can go and "fix her blankets". Not a big deal, you say? What is so hard about covering her up? Well let us see. Two flights of stairs, and on average four re-covers a night. Don't give me that crap about good exercise. By evening I am lucky to make it up ONE flight of stairs without dragging a leg. All that up and down kills me. We are working on this, however. It will take time.

I have put my foot down on the patootie wiping - after all, it is not like I am going to follow her to high school and wipe her butt for her, and all of her friends can do it themselves. It is time she did it too! She is not happy with this decision, but she has no other choice. DH complains because he feels it contributes to laundry (ew) which is unfounded anyway. And since he was not the one soley responsible for her heiney hygeine for almost eight years, he is not allowed to have an opinion on the matter. I will agree that now we go through twice the TP, but all gains have their costs.

As for the socks, well. I know I should put my foot down as it were, but frankly, if we ever want to leave the house on any schedule I just cannot have her laying on the ground crying over socks for 45 minutes. She CAN and WILL put on her own knee socks. I am slowly growing her collection of knee socks and culling her regular socks. My goal? Have nothing but knee socks so she can put them on herself. There is no reason she can't wear them all the time anyway. This weekend she picked out an outfit for herself. A pleated plaid skirt, knee socks, and a small t-shirt with a tattoo-inspired logo on the front, with a hoodie on top. I swear to gawd she looked fourteen. I nearly fainted LOLOL. Dh took one look at her and said "There is nothing wrong with that outfit. The skirt is long enough, the t-shirt isn't tight or short. But still. Make her change" roflmao!

She is only 7. And while she is not the tallest or biggest in her class (she is right smack dab in the middle) when we go anywhere else there are children her age and a little older, she is like the friendly giant. She is taller. She is bigger. Not fatter, but bigger. Not as delicate. It makes me want to cry, because I was the same way. I always stood out. My shoulders were twice as broad, my hands and wrists were bigger around. She doesn't have my table-leg ankles, but she is far from the birdlike creatures surrounding her. And I don't understand, because she has such fine features, like a little china doll. Is it something we are feeding her? Do I have a faulty gene and did I pass it on to her? We all know I had the giant ogre gene. Please don't make her an ogre like I was. She is completely in proportion, and according to our doctor she is right on average for height and weight for her age - but there it is.

When I dropped her off today, the other girls were lined up. DD looked at me, and her face said it all. "They are just babies". They all looked so small and young. Imagine our surprise to find out all but one or two were the same age or older! I told her she was going to have a FABULOUS time, and to have some fun for me too. Please let her enjoy herself today and want to go back LOL.

Anyway, when I pulled into the driveway I had to stop short, as a starling went bustling across. Why do I find it so funny when birds choose to run rather than fly? Even funnier when they are carrying something. What is that, a french fry? Yes. A french fry! It would put it down and peck it, and other starlings would come near so it would hoist it up and run away a bit, and the other birds would come, and so on. It was actually kind of funny to watch. It was a pretty big french fry and it's not like we are near any restaurants. Then I noticed that somebody tossed a big takout container in the road across the street, hence the supply of fried food. Seagulls, robins, starlings, sparrows, they were all having a heyday. And I have to add Ruby too, because the birds had dropped a few fries in the yard apparently, which she happily munched up. She could not believe her luck, food falling from the SKY! Now she keeps wanting to go out and scout for pommes frites that may have appeared in her territory. Normally she is leary of seagulls. She looks at them sideways, and does her "stranger with candy" walk back to the house, along with a very concerned snort - oooooooooooog. I do believe she thinks they might carry her away. Apparently when there are french fries on the line, she can deal with the fear.

I noticed something else. Could it possibly be? Dare I say it?
I think Spring just may be coming after all.


Anonymous said...

Great reading as usual. Really enjoyed it...


Lisa said...

Get Crystal the flushable kiddie wet wipes! They work great for these situations! LOL about Ruby and the fries :-)