Thursday, March 01, 2007

It happens every time

I spend most of my time in the basement, like some kind of troll. Perhaps I need to find a bridge to live under. My office is in the family room, which is in the first lower level. There are windows here, and the wall to the upstairs is open save some spindles so the light from the sliding door comes in. But it is still "dark" and I need a bright lamp to work by. I face a cheerful wedge of chili pepper red wall, and the stair well wall covered in family pictures. Plus a fish tank that takes up most of my desk, so I do have nice things to look at. This is all meaningless, as it is still basement and this is where I spend most of my time. I make quick runs out every day to pick up or drop off the child, and forays to the grocery store of course. But for the most part, trollville. It never fails, however, that when I do need to leave the house we have some sort of inclement weather. Severe thunderstorms. Sleet and freezing rain. Freak snow storms that dump a few feet on us in the springtime. That sort of thing. Today is no exception. How exactly does this happen? What cosmic forces can be at work, here? I feel I should warn people who plan outdoor or special events to call me ahead of time so I can clear my schedule and not go anywhere the same day, lest my bad weather ruin their occasion. I have my next laser hair removal appointment today. We had rain, hard snow pellets, and I have heard news of more snow, rain, and perhaps freezing rain. It never fails. *Breaking news - I have been to my appointment and back, and the freezing rain advisory has passed. We now have thunderstorm warnings.*

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