Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So much for march break

March break is NEXT WEEK. I was waiting to hear which days DH got approval for, before booking anything. I knew we both couldn't take the whole week, and a big vacation was out. After all, that trip to Florida in January was our big trip for the year. I was thinking more along the lines of two nights at one of those new hotels that have an indoor water park. In fact, one in Frankenmuth Michigan. It is close enough to drive, I would love to go to the Christmas store, it has been years since I had that marvelous chicken dinner (and the cranberry relish, the CRANBERRY RELISH!), and DD would absolutely love the water park part. I left a note in DH's lunch box about it. He just called. He has NO days off. They are on partial layoff. Only certain lines are down, and these layoffs don't usually affect DH much. However, there is nobody to replace him so he can't take any days next week. He figured we could go on the week-end. Sure. If we want to spend double per night. Grrrr. So now, not only do I have no place for DD to go, there is nothing special planned at all. Great. She was supposed to be going to a march break camp at a local community center, but they cancelled due to lack of registration. Then she was going to go to a gymnastics camp sorta thingy, but they had to give first dibs to girls in the program already and she didn't make it in. DH said MIL could take her. Yeah, right. Even if she could, and I didn't have to work around the hair appointments and whatnot, no way will DD go there. I am not spending two hours screaming at her every morning, and then dragging her out the door like a lifeless carcass. I can only take two days off next week, and she is too needy to just be home while I am working. Not sure what I am going to do. I have knitted absolutely nothing since the baby alive clothes. I need to re-organize my supplies. I don't have a proper needle roll, and the plastic bags I had them in are starting to give way. My crochet hooks are everywhere, patterns are all out of order. There are little shrines of yarn piled here and there in every room of the house. It has to be cleaned up. My yarn baskets are fine, but they only hold the yarn itself. I need a better storage solution for the rest of it. I might have to go container shopping. Once that is done I will start on that silk tank for myself. The house in general needs an overhaul. The living room carpet can stand cleaning again. Everything needs dusting. My desk area is atrocious (I can't believe the mess I work in every day. I am ashamed of myself) and in general this entire room needs decluttering. DD's toy room is a mess again, and the workout room is getting messy. See, we built a storage area down there. But DH keeps piling things in the doorway instead of putting them on the shelves where they belong. Now the doorway is completely blocked, so he has started piling things in the workout room. He hasn't dared put anything in the laundry room. The last time I tripped on a case of beer in the aisle, that entire thing went into the recycle bin, full bottles and all. It is getting hard to keep the kitchen clean because once again, we have more things than we have room to store. I don't mean items used a few times per year. I am talking daily use items like measuring cups and serving dishes and cookie sheets. Our cereal and snack lineup has increased, taking valuable space that used to be devoted to other things. It is time to pull everything out of the cupboard and re-organize once more. But I don't wanna do it! Hey. Maybe next week I can put DD to work ;).

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